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Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche Perfect Pencil Graphite Pencil

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Graphite Pencil
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Essential info
  • Platinum-plated caps conceal built-in sharpener & eraser
  • Pocket pencil with Guilloche pattern and B lead
  • Extender adds weight and luxury to the pencil
  • Diameter: 9mm
  • Length capped: 154mm
  • Length posted: 170mm
  • The Perfect Pencil is based on Graf von Faber Castell's 19th century notecase pencil.

    The extender is practical; housing a pencil sharpener and an articulated clip, it also protects the point of the pencil. A replaceable eraser is housed under the end cap of the pencil itself. The extender adds weight and luxury to the pencil.

    The pencils themselves are made from luxurious Californian cedar wood, a silky fine grained wood and are finished in an intricately textured Guilloche pattern.

    Replacement No.V pocket pencils are available in boxes of five in the light grey and night blue Guilloche designs as well as black and brown in the classic fluted variation.

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