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Faber-Castell E-Motion Resin Fountain Pen

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Black Parquet
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Fountain Pen
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Essential info
  • Medium nib width
  • Iridium tipped stainless steel nib
  • Accepts standard cartridge type
  • Can be filled from an ink well using converter supplied
  • Laser engraved precious resin barrel
  • Chrome plated cap and trim
  • Articulated clip
  • Part of the 'Red Dot Design Award' winning range
  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Length capped: 138mm
  • Length posted: 148mm
  • Finely engraved barrels offer these resin variations of the pearwood E-Motion a pleasingly textured appearance. Available as a parquet or crocodile finish in black, brown or ivory with an additional 'hibiscus red' finish available as a ballpoint.

Reviews (4)
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By Rachael
I'm really enjoying this pen- I was initially attracted to the weight and the thickness, but also the flow of the pen. so pleased!
Fabre Castell E Motion Croc fountain pen
By Peter Steart
I am very impressed with this pen. It writes superbly for a steel nib. I recently bought the light brown wood version as a present for a family member and after trying his I treated myself to one! The pen is of solid construction with a chrome screw on cap which I prefer. It is slightly heavy but fits my hand comfortably. It is supplied with a converter and takes standard size ink cartridges which is a bonus. As a dedicated fountain pen user since my schooldays , I can recommend this pen for day to day use. The pen was ordered on one day and it arrived at home the following day. Great service.
Faber Castell E-Motion Croco Brown Fountain Pen
By Frank Bruno
I recently purchased this pen at a local store in Boulder, Colorado. I buy many fountain pens on-line, but I also try to patronize our great local shops that cannot compete in terms of price with the also very good internet-based sites. As has been said, the pen is a good size an feels quite solid. I have a medium nib and it is remarkably smooth. The brown resin croco pattern is fun and well done. It is a screw-type cap which I prefer. The length is good--the weight is good though heavier for folks that like light pens I'd look elsewhere. Initially I was able to post the cap on the barrel and had no problem with the balance--after a week or so, it will no longer post--not sure about that but I did call Faber and spoke with a delightful woman who informed me that the pen was not actually designed to post. The converter is high quality and seems to hold a fair amount and I seem to always get nearly a complete fill. All-in-all, I love the feel and the look of this pen--I'm not one to say, wow, I want to get another of the same since I like it so--but with Faber it would be ok to do so in my eyes. High-quality steel nibs that are smooth (the most important part!, and a great timeless design. One to hand down to my boys after lots of use. You cannot go wrong with this one! Frank
A very nice fountain pen.
By Matthias
The fountain pen comes with a big and heavy screw cap, that has a nice spring-type clip, like the one found on the pencil. The nib is stainless steel, available in F, M and B. I chose the F nib as it fits best with my handwriting. The pen accepts standard cartridges and comes with a converter. The nib is nice and smooth and writes well on all types of paper. I found that the writing experience is above average on really poor paper. When it comes to average paper performance is good, but not as good as some other fountain pens. I used the E-Motion with Diamine’s Sapphire ink, a very well behaved ink. On average quality paper, in this case a Yokrshire-made exercise book from Silvine, there is no feathering at all – but there is some bleed through: it’s much less than the bleed though you get with a wet Noodler’s Konrad, a bit more than with a Pelikan M215 EF and more than with a Lamy Safari F, which doesn’t produce any bleed through at all. The bleed through issue be easily fixed by using different paper or by trying to make the nib drier1. When freshly uncapped I never had any problems with skipping, unlike my experience with some other, more expensive fountain pens, like the Cross Century II. The cap-off time time of the E-Motion is however shorter than some other fountain pens. Left uncapped it tends to dry and start to skip when starting to write again after two minutes non-use, which might be a problem when taking notes in a meeting or in some other situations (classroom, writing comments, …). A very nice fountain pen. It is heavier than many other fountain pens and the grip section doesn’t provide as much grip as some other fountain pens. I think it’s a great fountain pen for constant writing. If you want a pen more suitable for meetings or other situations where you only write occasionally the short cap-off time means that a Faber-Castell’s Basic or Ambition fountain pen might be more suitable as it’s easier to cap and uncap these pens. If you want a pen with a more “substantial” feeling to it the E-Motion might just be the right pen.