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Montegrappa Pens

The traditions of quality and fine Italian craftsmanship have been maintained by the Montegrappa artisans since 1912. The skills honed to perfection over generations, are used today to realise these beautiful Italian designs.

Situated in Bassano del Grappa in the north-east of Italy, the company first started production under the name of ELMO, as a manufacturer of gold nibs and fountain pens. This part of Italy was already a centre for the jewellery trade and so the skills and knowledge required to make fine fountain pens were readily available. Montegrappa pens are still made in the original historic building on the bank of the river Brenta.

The use of fine and unusual materials, including gold, silver and celluloid enable Montegrappa to produce fine pieces manufactured using techniques both traditional and high-tech including deep-drawing, piercing, investment casting and CNC machining, as well as etching, engraving and vitreous enamelling for decoration.

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Montegrappa Extra 1930 Fountain Pen

Extra 1930

$757.40 - $1,096.12
The classic 1930s pen is a true Italian classic. The range includes luxury writing instruments with a variety of celluloid shades, or you can customize your own unique writing instrument using the Montegrappa Configurator.
Montegrappa Harry Potter- House Colours Fountain Pen

Harry Potter- House Colours

$296.38 - $315.19
This range of writing instruments is inspired by the famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the setting for J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. The pen features durable casings made from brass and stainless steel, and the four houses of the school are represented (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin).
Montegrappa Monopoly 85th Anniversary Fountain Pen

Monopoly 85th Anniversary

$3,250.72 - $3,758.80
The MONOPOLY range of writing instruments is inspired by the game's design and its iconic mascot, Mr. MONOPOLY. The range includes a precious-metal collectible pen with a gem-studded cane pocket clip delivering a very special writing instrument with an art-deco style.
Montegrappa Mr Monopoly Fountain Pen

Mr Monopoly

$3,133.11 - $3,641.19
The MONOPOLY range offers precious metals and art-deco pen designs inspired by the game's timeless aesthetic. The MR MONOPOLY limited edition uses resin, 925 Sterling silver and features a gem-studded pocket clip inspired by the walking stick of the game's tycoon mascot.
Montegrappa Zero Meteor Shower Fountain Pen

Zero Meteor Shower

The Montegrappa Zero Meteor Shower features an endearing geometric design and a rare, cosmic Montegrappite blend of artisanal resin, creating a different pattern of colours with every pen.
Montegrappa Bartolomeo Ferracina Fountain Pen

Bartolomeo Ferracina

The Bartolomeo Ferracina Limited Edition is a hybrid pen combining the pleasures of writing with the precision of a watch. The pen is housed in silver and celluloid, with an exposed clock face on the cap, inspired by the 19th century Venetian watchmaker.
Montegrappa Tulip for Team Fox Fountain Pen

Tulip for Team Fox

$239.92 - $249.33
Montegrappa's collaboration with Micheal J Fox foundation brings us Tulip for Team Fox. with proceeds going to Parkinson's research. Celebrating the Montegrappa brand’s commitment to support research and find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. The pen features a sculpted tulip-shaped clip to symbolise love and compassion.
Montegrappa Viking Fountain Pen


$12,701.81 - $152,421.75
Norse mythology is celebrated in this Viking-inspired entry to Montegrappa's Limited Edition Warriors collection. featuring Borre and Jelling ornamentations, accents in rose and yellow gold, articulated arms and a broadsword letter opener in a writing instrument sure to appease the Norse Gods.
Montegrappa Zero Fountain Pen


$225.81 - $517.48
The Zero range of writing instruments features heavy metal components and a chunky clip, adding poise to the charismatic Italian design. The ZERO features sapphire glass set in a bezel, with a choice of factory-standard settings or infinite possibilities with a ZERO Custom to uniquely personalise your writing instrument.
Montegrappa Duchess of York Fountain Pen

Duchess of York

The Duchess of York range is inspired by the natural kingdoms of Ocean, Forest and Garden in a combination of resin, sterling silver and celluloid. The writer and humanitarian Sarah, Duchess of York, reflects on nature’s wonders in a rare collaboration.
Montegrappa Elmo 01 Fountain Pen

Elmo 01

$131.72 - $150.54
The range of ‘Elmo’ pens is inspired by the work of Heinrich Helm, Technical Director at Montegrappa’s first pen factory. Helm created many innovations for the 1920s and 1930s including the realization of his vision - making a quality pen at a reasonable price, the ‘Elmo’, which remains popular today.
Montegrappa Ernest Hemingway Novel Fountain Pen

Ernest Hemingway Novel

$583.34 - $790.34
A commemorative silhouette celebrates the centenary of Ernest Hemingway's breakthrough novel, 'A Farewell to Arms' with a blend of Art Deco and vintage charm. The limited edition range is inspired by his service during the First World War in Bassano.
Montegrappa Extra Hi-Tech Fountain Pen

Extra Hi-Tech

This fusion of aluminium, carbon fibre and titanium gives the Montegrappa Extra Hi-Tech its most dynamic form, with a new Italian modernity.
Montegrappa Extra Otto Fountain Pen

Extra Otto

$1,011.44 - $1,350.16
The Extra Otto is an octagonal pen with with features from the Extra 1930 and a geometrically contoured clip, defying the notion that a classic should never be tampered with.
Montegrappa Fortuna Fountain Pen


The Fortuna range of writing instruments is inspired by the Roman goddess of fortune and luck. The distinctive range is designed to appeal to discerning writers who appreciate creativity's reliance on the combination of preparation and opportunity. Resin and ruthenium-plated stainless steel combine in a range designed to embody luck.
Montegrappa Ilie Nastase Retro 73 Fountain Pen

Ilie Nastase Retro 73

$2,022.88 - $2,446.28
The Ilie Nastase Retro 73 pen is a tribute to Ilie Năstase and his flamboyant, innovative style of play. Featuring the player's signature and styling encapsulating tennis racquets or the era, this is a very special tribute to the sporting career of the six-time Grand Slam winner and world number one 'bad boy' of tennis.
Montegrappa La Canzone del Grappa Fountain Pen

La Canzone del Grappa

$465.73 - $837.38
To commemorate a century since the end of the Great War, Montegrappa has joined forces with the artisanal distillery Capovilla for a heritage-infused, limited edition homage inspired by the poignant hymn about the First World War & the solemnity and irrepressible spirit of the Monte Grappa region. Presented in a special wooden case alongside a bottle of Grappa.
Montegrappa Leonardo Da Vinci 500th Anniversary Fountain Pen
The Leonardo Da Vinci 500th Anniversary Limited Edition celebrates the artistic genius and scientific expertise of the renaissance polymath. A fusion of olive wood and metalcraft pays tribute to his geometric and mechanical theories. Produced in limited quantities with exceptional materials.
Montegrappa Lord Of The Rings Fountain Pen

Lord Of The Rings

$2,921.42 - $38,952.22
The Lord of the Rings trilogy was a landmark in cinema, full of fantastic images. Montegrappa's tribute to the trilogy faithfully recreates the artistic vision of director Peter Jackson, combining more than twenty of its motifs and props, with the iconic One Ring as its centrepiece in this epically lavish tribute.
Montegrappa Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

$5,038.39 - $33,448.11
The Eagle has landed: the Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Limited Edition is a writing instrument approved by NASA and inspired by the Saturn V mission. The pen is a marvel of engineering in miniature.
Montegrappa Queen A Night at the Opera Fountain Pen

Queen A Night at the Opera

$3,514.17 - $24,462.75
This limited edition Montegrappa pen is a tribute to the Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury, and the band's first platinum selling album. The design is inspired by his iconic hat, featuring a band of gold and precious stones in a perfect tribute to rock excess.
Montegrappa refills and inks
Original Montegrappa refills and inks will ensure that your Montegrappa pen continues to give you writing perfection.