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Ink Remover & Cleaning Products

These products are here to clear up those little accidents and mistakes that happen from time-to-time. Ink eraser pens erase blue fountain pen ink with one end and at the other have a fibre tip pen for writing over the erased area. Ink and Stain remover is a product for erasing most ink stains from most materials - it is not, however, suitable for erasing ink from paper.
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Cleaning Solution

Cleaning Solution

Cleaning solution is a special liquid for loosening dried ink from fountain pen nib units. It is easy to use and very effective; we recommend it to all our customers.
Ink Remover

Ink Remover

The perfect tools for ink related accidents in a variety of scenarios. Correct writing mistakes made in washable blue ink and use the permanent marker to replace the text. Or use ink and stain remover to erase most ink stains from most materials - it is not, however, suitable for erasing ink from paper.


This polish is used for cleaning, polishing and preserving untreated metals such as copper, brass, tin, nickel, silver, gold and stainless-steel. Perfect for keeping your pens in perfect condition.
Cleaning Utensils

Cleaning Utensils

These specially designed cleaning utensils are used to clean and maintain the integrity of your writing instruments. Keep your pens and pencils in fine working order by browsing our selection of cleaning utensils here.