Delta Pens - Fine Quality Pens Handmade in Italy

Established in 1982, Delta is one of the most respected and revered manufacturers of luxury writing instruments. Based in the south of Italy, Delta have become renowned for innovation in design and the materials used in the construction of pens – for example, Delta were the first company to utilise carbon fibre and titanium.

Delta are well known amongst pen enthusiasts and collectors for their limited edition pens, for which they have won awards. Delta were also chosen to present pens to world leaders at the 1994 G7 summit!

Delta are best known for their Dolcevita collection, finished in their trademark orange. Delta's Dolcevita collection was later expanded with the introduction the Dolcevita Soiree; an elegant collection of black writing instruments beautifully offset with highlights of orange..

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Dolcevita Mini

The Delta Dolcevita Mini Collection - small but perfectly formed in Delta's trademark rich orange. available as fountain pen, rollerball and ballpen.

$189.89 - $301.71

Dolcevita Slim

For those who prefer a slightly slimmer pen, the Dolcevita Slim collection has all of the elegance and style of the Delta Dolcevita in a slimmer format, while maintaining the length of a full-size pen.

$229.74 - $417.29

Dolcevita Medium

The Delta Dolcevita Medium collection are full size pens. For those, like the Italians, who prefer the finer things in life, the Dolcevita Medium is available as a Fountain pen, Rollerball and ballpen.

$200.44 - $398.77

Dolcevita Oversize Fountain Pen

The Dolcevita over-size fountain pen is the flagship of Delta's Dolcevita collection. An imposing pen supplied complete with a bottle of Delta ink, the Oversize has three filling options: cartridge, converter, or the whole barrel can be filled directly, providing a huge reservoir of ink.


Dolcevita Soiree Medium

Delta's Dolcevita Soiree Medium collection is a 'standard' size range of pens with sophisticated understated styling. Available as a fountain pen, rollerball and ballpen.

$248.92 - $490.55

Dolcevita Oro Slim

Providing the flair and impact of the Dolcevita Oro in a slightly slimmer format, the Delta Dolcevita Oro Slim collection come as full-length versions of the Fountain Pen, Rollerball and Ballpen.

$229.74 - $417.29

Dolcevita Oro Medium

Delta have used their ever-popular trade mark orange to produce a startling range of full-size pens with the Delta Dolcevita Oro Medium collection. The Dolcevita Oro inherits all of the style and detailing of the original Dolcevita, with the added impact of the all orange barrel and cap.

$248.50 - $468.86

Italiana Gloss

Each pen in the gloss version of the Delta Italiana range is individually machined from a solid bar of resin and then hand-polished to a deep gloss finish, revealing the hidden beauty of this versatile material. The black resin is a solid colour and it's deep shine is complimented and set-off by the rhodium plated trim on both cap and barrel: reflections from the high-gloss finish emphasising the elegant curves of this beautiful pen. The other colours are a mixture of resins, which when machined and polished, produce a beautiful, subtle marbled effect.

Available as a fountain pen in four nib widths, a ballpoint pen and a rollerball, the Italiana also comes in the 'Non-stop' version, Delta's new refillable rollerball technology.

$93.77 - $100.81

Titanio Galassia

Like the Titanio, the Galassia has an innovative titanium nib and titanium trim.

The gloss black resin of the Titanio is punctuated with three rings in either red, grey or Delta's trademark pearlised orange to create the Titanio Galassia.

$147.69 - $276.63


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