How to write a love letter

A young woman creating calligraphy that says "I love you", in black ink on white paper.

Not only is February host to Valentine’s Day, but it’s also known as the month of love.

What better time to write a love letter to someone you hold dear?

Us humans have a preoccupation with the pursuit of love, and it’s easy to understand why.

Firstly, on a basic level, it feels great to love and be loved.

If that’s not enough of a reason by itself, recent studies have found that love can relieve pain in adults and reduce stress in women.

So, let’s celebrate love together this month.

Learn how to light up someone’s heart with your words by diving into our love letter ideas and examples.

Whether you’re writing to your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner, get those pens ready now!

Tips for writing a love letter

A handwritten love letter is special because it’s personal and unique to your relationship, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to writing one.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you precisely what to write in your letter.

However, we have some great suggestions of points it would be beneficial to include, encouraging openness and intimacy between you.

Before you get started, though, make sure to choose some appropriate stationery. That could be some writing paper, a blank greetings card, or anything you can write on.

A good quality pen will help you concentrate on the task, too.

Consider the tone of the letter

Make sure the letter is written in your authentic voice.

It can be tempting to test out fancy language you wouldn’t usually use when writing a love letter, but your loved one will appreciate the real you more.

Consider how you want the recipient to feel

Before putting pen to paper, take a moment to think about how you want the letter’s recipient to feel when they read it.

Keep that feeling in mind as you write.

Open with intimacy

Don’t be tempted to open your letter with “Dear Charlotte” if you call your girlfriend Lottie, or you’re more likely to say “Hey bae” when talking.

Be yourself, and the recipient will feel instantly connected with your words.

Explain why you’re writing the letter now

You don’t have to include a reason for writing the love letter, but there may be a reason you feel motivated to share your feelings on paper.

Including an explanation can be a helpful tool for you to get the first paragraph written, too — often the most challenging paragraph.

You might be writing because it’s Valentine’s Day, and you feel your partner deserves more than a shop-bought card.

Alternatively, you might feel inspired by how they recently dealt with a difficult situation.

Include the reasons you love them

Your love letter should include the reasons you love the recipient.

Don’t hold back! Include the big reasons — their kind heart, for example, or their sense of humour — and the small ones.

We all want to feel seen, so use this opportunity to make your partner feel valued and understood. Comment on those little things they do each day that you appreciate.

For example, do they make your coffee each morning before work? Perhaps they keep on top of the laundry pile or drive your kids to all their after-school clubs and activities.

Remind them you love their ‘flaws’

Whether your partner has a hangup about their eyebrows or their accent, they will be so thankful for you expressing your love for their self-perceived flaws.

Don’t just say you love their accent — tell them why and how it makes you feel.

Add some heat

If it’s your thing as a couple, slip some heat in your letter — whether it’s hinting at what’s in store that evening or if it’s sharing what you love most about your partner’s body.

Outline the hard times you’ve been through together

It may seem counterproductive to bring up tough times in a love letter, but highlighting how you successfully navigated through hardship shows how well you work together as a team.

Reflect on your successes to build your bond.

End with a mention of the future

Nothing says “I love you” more than a reminder of your commitment to the other person.

If you know they want children one day, take this opportunity to let them know they’ll be great mum or dad to your children. Make sure to explain why.

You might be saving up for a deposit on a house. Tell them why you are excited to own a home with them, if so.

Love letter examples

A man in a white t-shirt reading a love letter, clutching his chest and smiling.

Sometimes it can help to see an example love letter, even though you won’t be copying it word-for-word.

These examples are written using the tips we’ve shared with you.

Example one

“Dearest Flo,

I’m writing this today because how you helped the older man in the supermarket got me thinking about how much I adore you.

You are so kind and generous and would do anything for anyone. I’m so in love with your big heart.

Thank you for always thinking of me in everything you do, too. I appreciate the packed lunches — and the little notes in them even more so!

Last summer was gruelling with us being apart for so long, but we got through it and could do it again if we needed to.

I would endure anything if it meant I could see your beautiful smile every day afterwards.

I can’t wait to spend forever with you. I will love you always.

Your Will xxx”

Example two

“My Bear,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I didn’t want to send you another generic card this year. You deserve so much more.

I am forever thankful I went to the pub that night five years ago to drown my sorrows. I may have lost a lot of money that day, but I gained something far more precious.

You are one in a billion, making me laugh so much with your cheeky sense of humour. You even made carpet shopping fun last month — a real achievement!

I also appreciate your serious moments, especially when it comes to caring for the girls.

Please know I am so grateful for your incredible parenting, and I couldn’t have gotten through Elsie’s stay in hospital without you by my side.

I’ve been thinking a lot about our first kiss lately. Fancy re-enacting it tonight? I booked a babysitter for 7:30 pm and a table for 8.

I might even invite you in for coffee afterwards. You’ll have to make it yourself, though, because, according to my husband, I can’t make a decent cuppa!

I can’t wait to parent another child with you, Daddy Bear.

All my love and kisses,

Wren X“

Sending a love letter

You can give your love letter in person or post it through the mail. Either way, place it in an envelope for extra suspense.

Go the extra mile and finish it off with a traditional wax seal.


If writing a love letter isn’t your thing, you’ll find some great tips for writing a Valentine’s Day card on our blog.

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Lucy is our lead editor and has been passionate about stationery since childhood. She has a particular fondness for rollerball and calligraphy pens and is a keen advocate of snail mail.

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