How to change the world with your writing

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Words have a tremendous amount of power. Pieces of writing can easily transport you into a whole new world, be it fictional or real.

We all have a favourite novel, for example, and the way the author has written that story has intrigued your attention and resulted in you loving the book.

So, with the power of words in mind, there are ways you can change the world with your writing.

At first, that might seem like a monumental task that simply isn’t possible — but it is, and I’ll explain how in this article.

If there is an issue that is close to your heart, follow the tips below to write about it in a way that will make others listen.

Take the reader on a journey

If you’re aiming to change the world through your writing, you need to take the reader on a journey.

Discuss the reasons behind your writing, the effect you want it to have on the world, and how the issue at the heart of your writing is personally impacting you.

By creating a narrative around your chosen topic, your reader is going to be more intrigued, and you have more chance of influencing them.

Write with passion

When you’re deciding on a topic to write about, you need to consider what your passions are.

There are plenty of issues in the world, but to write with conviction, you must be passionate about your topic.

If you write with a considerable amount of intensity and devotion, this can be transferred to the reader.

If written well, the words will impact your reader enough for them to feel affected by the issue you’re discussing.

Teach and inspire

To change the world with your writing, it is crucial to avoid a patronising or scornful tone.

If a reader feels as though you are condescending towards them in your writing, it is unlikely they will continue to read on.

Make sure to include anecdotes about your topic, to teach the reader through relatable experiences.

Once you have outlined what you are passionate about, it is important to give actionable steps too, to encourage your reader to go further with the cause — perhaps that might be information on donating or volunteering.

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With the plethora of negativity in the world, it can be quite challenging to write about serious topics.

Many readers will switch off immediately if their attention isn’t grabbed or if they find the writing boring.

So, if the subject is appropriate, it is vital that you can entertain the reader while discussing your passion — however serious it is.

How should I start?

People write in many different ways, especially now there is such a vast selection of digital options to choose from.

So, if you prefer the classic method, find yourself one of the best pens for writing and start making notes.

By having your favourite writing accessories at the ready, you can be ready to write whenever inspiration strikes.

If you prefer writing on your laptop, phone, or tablet, open a document and make notes.

The benefits of writing to change the world

By writing about what you love or what you want to change in the world, and teaching others how they can be involved, you are sure to create an impact.

Even if people decide not to take any further steps from your writing, you have taught a reader something they may not have known otherwise.

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