How to write a congratulations card

graduation congratulations

If someone you know or love has been working hard towards something and accomplished it, then you’ll no doubt be over the moon for them. What a great feeling that is, to see someone you love chasing their dreams and succeeding in life.

Sending a congratulations card is a lovely way to acknowledge the person’s achievement and share in their joy. Whether they’ve passed their driving test, landed a promotion, or aced their exams — everyone appreciates a congratulations card.

If you’re unsure if it’s appropriate to send a card or not — it is! Imagine you’ve just done something you’re proud of. Would you like to receive a card from a family member or friend, sharing in your joy? Of course, you would!

Occasions that could benefit from a congratulations card

  • Passing a driving test
  • Getting a new job
  • Achieving a promotion at work
  • Passing exams
  • Getting accepted to study at a college or university
  • Graduating from university
  • Setting up a business
  • Having a baby
  • Adopting a child
  • Completing a big project at work
  • Winning new business at work
  • Being nominated for an award
  • Winning an award
  • Buying a new home
  • Engagement
  • Wedding
  • Baptism
  • Retirement
  • Anniversary (wedding, job, etc.)

So, you’ve got an occasion and you’ve found the perfect card. What do you write inside it?

What to write in a congratulations card

What you write depends on how well you know the person and if you know them personally or through a more formal route.

For a general layout, begin with a greeting, then move on to the congratulations. Next, express your pride. After that, share your wishes for the future of the recipient. Finally, close with warm wishes.

Below are some ideas for formal and more casual greetings for congratulations cards.

business congratulations

Formal greetings

  • You have earned the success you are enjoying today through your determination and dedication at every step of the way. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations! May your success give you the confidence to go forward and rise to the next challenge.
  • Sending you congratulations today and wishing you well for the next project, which will no doubt be a success.
  • Commending you on this success and looking forward to seeing what else you will bring to the company in the future.
  • Sincere congratulations on this hard-earned success.

Casual greetings

  • Congrats!
  • Way to go!
  • Get you!
  • Well done!
  • You’re amazing!
  • Good work.
  • Nice work.
  • You’re so inspiring.
  • I’m so pleased for you.
  • I’m so happy for you.
  • I’m thrilled for you.
  • You smashed it out of the park!
  • You are awesome!
  • I know how hard you’ve worked for this. Congratulations!
  • I can’t wait to enjoy a lift with my new favourite taxi driver! Well done, sis.
  • Hurrah!
  • Hooray!

congratulations on your new home hug

  • I couldn’t be happier for you.
  • Bravo!
  • This calls for a celebration.
  • You did it! We’re so proud of you.
  • It was only a matter of time. Well done!
  • Well done on the promotion — they couldn’t have chosen a better person for the job!
  • A homeowner at 25! We are so excited for you.
  • Congratulations on the birth of beautiful Rosie. We can’t wait to meet her.
  • You are so brave, and I am so proud of you. Wishing you all of the success in the world with your new venture.
  • You did it! Wishing you all the best at university and beyond.
  • You passed! All that revision paid off in the end. We are so proud.
  • I’m so excited that you are getting married!
  • At last, he put a ring on it!
  • Great job!
  • What an exciting new chapter you have just started!
  • Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Wishing you all many years of good health, love, and happiness.

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