Halloween writing prompts for kids

A blank piece of paper surrounded by Halloween decor like pumpkins, bats, and cobwebs.

Autumn is a season teeming with opportunities for seasonal fun and games, and Halloween, in particular, ignites the excitement of children everywhere.

While traditional Halloween activities like pumpkin picking and trick-or-treating hold their charm, creative young minds are eager to channel their creativity onto paper — embracing the season uniquely.

To foster a thrill of delight or perhaps a shiver of fright, we’ve curated a collection of spine-tingling Halloween writing activities to enchant and inspire your child this spooky season.

Unleash their inner storyteller with our eerie Halloween creative writing and journal prompts for kids.

Halloween creative writing prompts for kids

Engaging in creative writing is as simple as breathing with the right prompt, propelling young imaginations into fantastical realms of witches, wands, webs, and werewolves.

Encourage your child to craft stories where the supernatural and the ordinary collide:

  1. Venture into a haunted house at night and narrate the spine-tingling journey.
  2. Imagine wielding the powers of a witch or wizard — what enchanting feats would you perform?
  3. Picture yourself knocking on a looming wooden door while trick-or-treating, only to watch it creak open by itself. What eerie adventures await?
  4. Witness a mad scientist toiling in a remote laboratory, creating a monstrous masterpiece. Describe the creature’s form and purpose.
  5. Craft a story using the following words: spell, pumpkin, wand, bat, and weird. Weave them into a bewitching tale.
  6. For one mystical night, your pet acquires a human voice. What secrets do they reveal, and what conversations take place?
  7. Imagine a peculiar noise coming from your wardrobe. What happens when you summon the courage to open the door?
  8. Embark on an unexpected broomstick flight while pretending to fly. Where does your airborne adventure take you, and what do you encounter?
  9. Chronicle a family’s expedition to pick the perfect pumpkin.
  10. Step into an eerie, old house and discover a bubbling cauldron filled with mysterious purple liquid. What unfolds in this peculiar scene?
  11. Craft a tale about a pumpkin lantern that springs to life with a mischievous spirit.
  12. A bat unexpectedly enters your bedroom through an open window, seeking your aid. What mission lies ahead, and how can you assist?
  13. Conjure up a whimsical poem about a comical witch.
  14. Plan and describe an extravagant Halloween party. Who’s on the guest list, what do the decorations look like, and what mystical events unfold?
  15. Create a detailed description of the monster dwelling under your bed.
  16. An unexpected sound shatters the silence while you’re wandering through a graveyard. Identify the sound’s origin and explain what happens next.
  17. It’s been announced that Halloween is being cancelled forever! Advocate for Halloween’s continuation in a letter to the prime minister or local mayor.
  18. How would you spend Halloween night if you were a werewolf?
  19. Outline the adventures of a sentient scarecrow.
  20. Describe the life of a young vampire who hates the taste of blood. What sustenance do they prefer, and how do they occupy their nights?
  21. As a witch, concoct a potion recipe that transforms cockroaches into beautiful butterflies.
  22. Uncover the startling truth that your teacher is a vampire. Detail the discovery and ensuing events.
  23. Gain insight into Halloween from the perspective of a paramedic.
  24. Document your first Halloween experience as a ghost.
  25. Describe the secretive Halloween gathering of a group of wizards.
  26. Find yourself lost in a dark forest with a mysterious follower. Reveal their identity and unravel the unsettling journey.
  27. Spin a tale about the consequences of a black cat crossing your path.
  28. Share a school day with a friendly ghost. Describe the extraordinary experience.
  29. Assume the role of a spider for a week and outline the intriguing adventures you undertake.

A Halloween classroom where the teacher and pupils are all in costumes and crafting at a table.

Halloween journal prompts for kids

Sometimes, personal experiences prove as enthralling as fiction.

Use these journaling prompts to reflect upon your own Halloween journey:

  1. Reflect on the most memorable Halloween costume you’ve ever worn.
  2. Share your aspirations for this year’s costume and explain the reasoning behind your choice.
  3. Detail your thoughts on trick-or-treating with friends — what makes it fun, or why don’t you enjoy it?
  4. What might Halloween look like in a century?
  5. Explain your favourite elements of Halloween parties.
  6. Explore your family’s Halloween traditions, if any, and describe them in detail.
  7. Delve into your preferences for Halloween activities and why you love them.
  8. Share your Halloween food favourites using the sentence, “Every Halloween, I like to eat…”
  9. List your top five Halloween-themed books and explain what makes them special.
  10. List five aspects of Halloween you adore and five you dislike.
  11. Reveal your stance on scary movies — list your favourites if you’re a fan, or explain your reservations if you’re not.
  12. Express your preference between Halloween and Christmas and explain your choice.
  13. Paint a vivid picture of your ideal Halloween day — what activities would you partake in, and with whom?
  14. Dive into the essence of spookiness — what makes Halloween eerie and thrilling?
  15. Offer your thoughts on spiders — do you love them or loathe them?
  16. Where would you choose to go if you could trick-or-treat anywhere in the world?
  17. Share your encounter with the most spine-tingling Halloween costume you’ve ever witnessed.
  18. Deliberate on your preference between vampires and werewolves.
  19. Recall and narrate the unforgettable moments of the best Halloween party you’ve attended.

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