35 delightful Spring writing prompts for kids & adults

As the cold, dark nights finally get shorter, we’re looking ahead to warm Spring days and hours spent writing in the sun.

To get us into the spirit, here are some cheery Spring writing ideas that are sure to awaken your writing bones. Dust off those creative cobwebs, crack the spine of a fresh journal, and grab your favourite writing pen. It’s time to fire up the imagination.

Spring writing prompts for kids

Sheep breeding, lamb, on a flowered meadow lookin to the camera in Buenos Aires countryside, Argentina. Sheep, Ovis orientalis aries

Encourage your little ones to tap into their creative side and challenge them to some Spring descriptive writing. These Spring writing ideas are ideal for quieter moments during the weekends and Easter holidays – and also sneakily allows children to practice their lettering and handwriting too.

If you were in charge of a garden, what would you want to grow and why?

Baby animals are often born in the Springtime. If you could choose any baby animal to be your pet, what would you pick and why?

Write a short story about your life as a butterfly.

Describe five ways children can help take care of the planet.

Write a persuasive essay to convince your teacher to hold class outside more often.

Imagine you have been cooped up all winter and finally the snow has melted. It’s now a beautiful Spring day. How would you feel being able to go outside? What would you do on a day like this?

Take a walk outside, and write about your experience using the five senses.

Describe your favourite things to do outside in the Spring.

Write about the things you will miss about Winter when Spring starts. Why will you miss them?

If you were to ever meet the Easter Bunny, what questions would you ask them?

The best thing to do during Spring is…

Write a story about an animal being born in Spring.

Spring cleaning is a great time to get rid of old things. What items could you Spring clean in your bedroom?

Imagine that your family has planned a Spring picnic in the park. Describe this picnic from an insect’s point of view.

Choose any Spring flower to describe yourself. Make a list of at least five things you and this flower have in common.

What is Springtime like in your city/town/village? Describe a typical Spring day.

Write a story about Spring using the words: daffodils, sunshine, showers, eggs, and holiday.

Spring is often thought of as a time for “new beginnings” or “starting fresh”. What is something you would like to start doing this Spring?

Imagine you are a botanist (a scientist who studies plants) and you have just discovered a new species of plant. Write a fictional report for a science journal describing the plant you’ve discovered.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the Spring holidays, where would you go and why?

Spring writing prompts for adults

Closeup of Wild Himalayan Cherry (Prunus cerasoides) or thai sakura flower in field at winter or spring day.

Use the start of a new season as an excuse to take pen to paper, and begin writing about Spring in your journal or notebook. These Spring writing topics encourage you to think outside the box and prompt you to look for the different images and feelings that accompany this wonderful time of year.

You are in the middle of a field that is beginning to show the beauty of Spring. There is green everywhere, punctuated by other bright colors. You close your eyes and take a deep breath in. What thoughts are going through your mind?

You go out of your front door and you’re confronted by bees! A Spring hive of bees has formed near your front door. Write a comical story about you dealing with the hive.

You have complete control over the weather and can create one perfect Spring day. What do you do?

Write down your best Mother’s Day memory.

Write a meet-cute in which two people fall in love over a Spring weekend.

Story starter: I needed a fresh start, a new beginning. This time, I thought as I headed for the car, I’ll do things differently.

Story starter: Carefully, I pressed the seeds into the ground and covered them up. I knew these seeds would change my life forever, and I wasn’t about to let them go to waste.

Story starter: I plucked the flower from the ground and tucked it into my bouquet so no one would notice it. Smiling to myself, I joined the rest of the wedding party. Everything was going according to plan.

Imagine you love someone who does not love you back. Write a poem or letter describing how you feel.

What Spring creatures might you see in the wild where you live right now?

Describe a cooking scene using local Spring fruits and vegetables.

Many people use Lent as a time to challenge themselves to give up something. Describe what you plan to give up, and why.

For International Women’s Day (March 8), write a first-person story that takes place at a protest during the women’s liberation movement.

Craft a poem from the perspective of the sun in honor of the Spring equinox (March 20).

In Spring, there is a turning. Write an essay about how the seasonal changes mirror a transformation in your own life.


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