Iconic Montblanc fountain pen celebrates 90 years

There are few items in the world that can call themselves iconic. More to the point, there are even fewer things in the world that rise to such a great state and remain in production nearly a century later.

Montblanc’s Meisterstück fountain pen however, has done just that. Having been manufactured in Hamburg since 1924, the Meisterstück (which translates as ‘masterpiece’), has become one of the greatest icons of German manufacturing. “It actually revolutionised a lot of things,” says Mont Blanc Australia’s managing director, Leon Mervis. “You could make notes in transit, on the run – that was really significant.’’

To celebrate, Montblanc has released its new Meisterstück collection, to which the company describes as, “a unique selection of sensual leather goods, meticulously crafted timepieces, refined jewellery and of course a new Meisterstück writing instrument collection that further ‘writes’ the story of such a timeless icon.”

Indeed, still manufactured in the heart of Hamburg, every nib is actually hand-sculptured from solid gold by a master craftsman who oversees no less than 35 skilled steps. What’s more however, is that a further 70 steps are then taken to assemble and test every single Meisterstück fountain pen that leaves the factory.

But that isn’t all, as each instrument is crafted in a precious black resin that is then adorned with red gold-plated fittings and placed into a distinct gift box that is designed in homage to the original 1924 sleeve.

Additionally, a Montblanc Skeleton Fountain pen is also celebrating the anniversary, paying homage to the first Skeleton pen, created in 1999, for the Meisterstück 75th anniversary. Coming with a delicately skeletonised ruthenium-plated cap and barrel, the pen is then topped by a quartz Montblanc emblem.

To further the anniversary, MontBlanc has also produced a grand line of celebratory products including watches, briefcases, cufflinks and a bracelet, all of which as fashioned to the highest possible quality so that they are in line with the excellence of the Meisterstück itself.

For those who want in on what is possibly one of the most important fountain pen anniversaries in history, specialised items can be bought from the Montblanc website, though they are around until the end of the year.

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