3 Top Educational Children’s Gifts for Christmas 2014

Now that we have hit the month of December, and Black Friday is out of the way (not forgetting cyber Monday), it is time to talk about a few alternative Christmas presents. With so many computer games, books and DVDs released at this time of year, it is sometimes hard to remember the educational gifts that you can buy your children too. So, here are a few tips for some great “brain-gifts” this Christmas:

Science is Magic Kit – £19.99


Available from Bright Minds, an online store for educational toys, this science kit allows your children to perform magic while at the same time, learning all about the ways of science.

From optical allusions to spinning broomsticks, there are over 30 amazing science experiments to be had for a toy designed for ages 7-11.

Try it out and see if they can impress the relatives come Christmas afternoon.

Graphite Lamy Al Star Fountain Pen – £22.00


There’s nothing quite like getting your very first fountain pen – as this specially designed pen shows.

With great reviews all-round, if you want to get your children into writing, then this really is the pen to start them on. Available in a range of colours (and nibs), the pen features an ergonomic grip design on its aluminium barrel – making writing not only easy, but also fun!

If you are looking for addition gifts or stocking fillers, we also supply Lamy T10 ink cartridges, in no less than seven colours, that are designed to be used by this pen.

Titan Tank Robot Kit – £34.07

A toy for an older child, and perhaps one with dreams of being and engineer, this tank robot kit lets children put together their own tank – teaching them about electronics and fortitude while doing so.

What’s more, if you buy more than one tank, you can put them into battle against each other, with the tanks recoiling, producing sound effects and reacting to ‘direct hits.’ Once a tank has been shot four times, a siren is sounded, spelling the end of the game for that player.

Up to four tanks are able to take part in the battle at once.

Reindeer Poo in a Box – £6.00


Actually available from the Natural History Museum itself, this amazing, if somewhat unorthodox gift, is said to ‘take recycling to a whole new level.’

Collected from zoos and safari parks from around the UK, the box is filled with reindeer poo that has been treated to remove both odours and germs – so you can get right down to planting the seeds that come with it.

A gift perhaps for a child with a sense of humour, this unusual present is designed to teach them about horticulture and caring for another living thing.

It might also work well for a Secret Santa gift at work!

Anna has been a lover of stationery since the age of three, when she got her first red spotted pencil case. Lucky enough to work part time for The Pen Company, she is surrounded by stationery; the dream of many a collector!

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