18 Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas


In case you needed another reason to buy a pen or pencil for a loved one this Christmas, I’d like to point out that the boxes they come in tend to be really easy to wrap! I personally enjoy gift wrapping, but I know many people who don’t, and so the best thing those people can hope for is a conveniently-shaped package to wrap!

So, with Christmas on the way and with gift wrap on my mind, I thought I’d use a Faber-Castell fountain pen presentation box to show you just how easy it can be to create personalised and snazzy-looking gift wrap this Christmas. Below are 18 examples of Christmas wrap you can create just using plain brown wrapping paper – there’s no need to buy loads of fancy, expensive papers this year! Wow your friends and family with some creative flair.

Holly wrap

handmade holly gift wrap

This is really simple, yet effective. If you don’t have access to a holly bush, there are plenty of fake holly leaves on sale at this time of year. Or, why not swap the holly leaves for mistletoe for your other half, or perhaps try a cute bundle of cinnamon sticks for your Mum or Mother-in-Law. Whatever you opt for, sprigs of nature work beautifully with the brown paper.

The woolly stripe wrap


Most households have some wool lying around… sometimes still attached to the item someone started knitting 4 years ago! If you don’t have any, a ball of wool doesn’t cost much, and would cover a lot of gifts. You could try out different colours, try a mix of colours together, or add sequins for a bit of glitz and sparkle… and don’t forget your gift tag.

Pom pom madness wrap

pom pom Christmas gift wrap

If you can’t be extravagant at Christmas, when can you be? Pom poms have been popular in clothing and accessories this year, so why not carry the theme on in your festive wrapping? This would be a fun wrap on presents for kids or a quirky best friend.

Snowflake wrap

snowflake gift wrap for Christmas

Paper snowflakes are so easy to make; this instructable will show you the basics. Each one you make will be unique (like real snowflakes!) and they look great attached to your gifts. Why not try a row of snowflakes along the top of the parcel? Or you could vary the sizes, to add extra interest. Also, nobody said they had to be white – play around with fun and festive jewel colours, such as amethyst purple and ruby red. Glitter may be added too, because everything is better with glitter at Christmas!

Stamped wrap


You could buy a stamp and an ink pad for this, or you could do as I did; I used a kitchen sponge which I cut into a ‘geo’ triangular shape, and some red poster paint I already had in my cupboard. You could make a stamp from a sponge or potato in whatever festive shape you fancy – a tree, a bauble, a snowflake, or how about your recipient’s favourite thing? If someone gave me a gift wrapped in paper that was stamped in sparkly paint with cat heads, I would be literally overwhelmed with joy!

Glittery gift tag wrap

homemade purple glittery gift tagYou can leave your wrapping simple, and let your gift tag do all the talking if you like. Simply cover the end of your plain gift tag in craft glue and dip it in a plate of your chosen glitter. So simple, yet so effective. I particularly love this purple glitter, but you could use your recipient’s favourite colour, or a colour that matches their gift.

 The writing’s on the… wrap


Grab a sharpie or, as I have above, a gold permanent marker and get writing. I chose festive phrases and songs, but you could write anything you like to jazz up your wrapping paper. If you have kids who can write, why not ask them to do it? Relatives will adore it.


This is just one piece of Christmas themed ribbon wrapped around the box, but, my, how good it looks! Have a shop around for ribbons – there are many festive ones available, or you could use general ribbons in lovely, bright colours, or your recipient’s favourite colour.

Abstract wrap


I used wool for this wrap, but went a bit wild with it! You could use cotton or coloured string too. You’ll need to glue this down at strategic points to keep it in place. You could create any pattern – in fact, you could make other shapes with the wool, such as circles, triangles… or cats, if you’re feeling particularly arty.

Sequin line wrap


A few sequins can make a world of difference to a plain gift wrap. From bare to glitzy and glamorous in 2 minutes flat. You could go corner to corner, or around the sides of the box too. Or, you could cover the entire box in sequins!

 Snowfall wrap


For this pretty snow effect, I used puffy fabric paint, which I then sprinkled with iridescent glitter. If you try this, remember to take the drying time into consideration; don’t go thinking you can give your gift to your friend in 10 minutes’ time, because you really can’t!

Christmas polka dot wrap


Any polka dot is good, but I drew mine with a shiny gold pen for added festive loveliness. Add a gift tag and a bow, or leave it as is; either way, it will look lovely.

Fun face wrap


This is a fun wrap that would be great for using on a child’s gift, or for a present to your Dad… or any other cheeky characters you may know! Guaranteed to make your recipient smile.

Heart wrap


This is a simple wrap, using crafting wire to create a love heart. You could, of course, make any shape you like and attach it to your gift.

Traditional bow wrap


Sometimes, you just can’t beat a traditional bow made with ribbon. For a classic festive look, choose reds and golds, or get creative with other bold colours.

Christmas trees wrap


It’s time to get the felt tips out! If you’re not very artistic, go for simple shapes like I did, rather than trying to draw intricate things that will set you up for a fall. My trees are essentially just green squiggles with brown lines, but they look good. Santa heads or baubles would look great too. Why not get the kids involved?

Toadstool wrap


What a difference a little peg makes! Add a little splash of colour and fun to your gift wrap with a Christmas peg or clip. Look our for themed paper clips and pegs, or make your own.

Sequin corner wrap


Leaving most of the wrapping paper blank and then creating a fancy corner is a unique idea. Here I have used sequins to create a glitzy, eye-catching triangle. You could also use glitter or small beads.


I hope you’ve found some inspiration in the ideas above. Do you have any more ideas you could add? Let me know in the comments below!

Lucy is our lead editor and has been passionate about stationery since childhood. She has a particular fondness for rollerball and calligraphy pens and is a keen advocate of snail mail.

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