The Sailor Cross Emperor – Amazing!

Copyright All rights reservedTo those of us used to a fountain pen and the standard nib, the Sailor Naginata nibs are a revelation, and none more so than the Naginata Cross Emperor.

Instead of the standard two prongs or tines, with a slit between as with a normal nib, the writing tip of the Naginata Cross nib has two slits, one at right angles to the other, hence ‘cross’. Individually hand-built by the Sailor pen masters, the cross nibs are made from what is effectively two 21K gold nibs, one on top of the other, with the upper nib extending beyond the lower. The four ends (two top and two bottom) are then further shaped to form the cross nib. The cross nib is elevated to ‘Emperor’ status with the addition of the gold bar along the top of the nib. This bar with it’s curled end forms an extra reservoir of ink, ensuring smooth and reliable ink flow, even with the most vigorous of use, or broad strokes.

An artist customer of ours has recently taken delivery of the 1911 Large Demonstrator with this amazing nib and this is his initial response:

“Dear Alan

I have been using the pen all weekend and I really like it very much, It is going to become an important instrument in my work.

The nib is quite amazing – varied and responsive, firm but flexible, I think probably the best nib I have ever used.”


Due to it’s complicated and intricate construction, the Cross Emperor is only available in the natural gold finish, as plating the nib would inhibit it’s function. Consequently, only Sailor pens with gold accents are available with this nib.Copyright All rights reserved

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