Lamy Safari 2013 Special Edition – Neon Yellow?

2013 Lamy Safari Special Edition

Is this the 2013 Special Edition?

Originally produced as a school pen, the Lamy Safari fountain pen soon found favour with the grown-ups. It’s spare functionality designed for schoolroom use, which includes the triangular grip section to encourage correct posture, the window in the barrel which allows the user to monitor ink level without dismantling the pen, and the smooth, reliable ink flow of the Lamy nib/feeder system, had wide appeal.

The Safari rapidly became Lamy’s best-selling fountain pen.

This injection-moulded polymer pen has always been available in a range of colours, but Lamy hit on the idea of making a yearly ‘ limited production’ Safari. This limited production was to be produced in a different colour each year, and these too have proved hugely popular. So far, Lamy has stuck to the limited production idea and they always become un-available before the end of the year.

This has led to another phenomenon: Safari hyper-inflation!

People have started collecting these different coloured pens and are so keen to complete their set, that they are prepared to pay many times it’s original cost to acquire that missing colour. The way these things work, the amazing prices that these pens are changing hands for can probably be justified logically as they increase the the value of the complete collection by far more!

The last few year’s colours have all been very successful, the pink being particularly good in the UK.

But what about 2013?

Well, it’s going to be yellow, but not just any old wishy-washy yellow! The story is that one of the high-ups in Lamy suggested the colour. He had been on a visit to Hong Kong and said he wanted the 2013 Safari to be Hong Kong taxi yellow, which is a bit strange as they tend to be mainly red!

We have produced this image of the 2013 limited production Safari, which we believe to be pretty accurate.

We are also making them available to pre-order. If you would like to receive one of the first 2013 Limited Production Safari Fountain pens to be shipped, follow this link and pre-order yours now! They should be available in March 2013, and no money will be taken from your account until your order is shipped. If the colour turns out to be different to that expected, you can either cancel your order, or receive a full refund if it has already been dispatched.

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