Petition to bring back extra broad & oblique Pelikan nibs

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What is this petition about?

Pelikan nibs

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Pelikan has stood out from other brands because of the quality of these German made pens but more particularly the quality and choice of it’s nibs.

The ability to select from a wide range of nib sizes has attracted a loyal following from discerning pen users who require other than the standard fine, medium and broad offered by most other brands. Pelikan’s decision to drop most of the less common nib variations across their ranges has been met with despair by many. Was this a wise thing to do?

Well, Pelikan obviously think that it was, undoubtedly prompted by the economics of maintaining the wide range of nib options. It is difficult to know exactly what the economics are but Pelikan have moved from the sublime to, well, mean. Once the current stock has sold through (and it looks as though it pretty much has) there will only be four ‘standard’ nibs available across the ranges: EF, F, M and B. No more triple broad or double broad and no oblique nibs at all.

For the sake of those keen pen users with with some style and flourish, could Pelikan have a re­think and at least make the double broad and possibly triple broad available, even if they cost a little more?

If you agree that they should bring these back, please show your support by leaving a comment below. We will then forward these votes to bring back our favorite nibs to Pelikan.

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