Faber-Castell E-Motion Pear Wood Fountain Pen Review

The Faber-Castell E-Motion fountain pen in brown - boxed

The Faber-Castell E-Motion pear wood fountain pen in brown

Fountain Pens & I

My love of stationery began at primary school, and as soon as I was taught cursive handwriting, I moved away from my pencils & ballpoints, and stepped into the wonderful world of fountain pens. Back then, it was the cheap ones from the local shop (we are talking £2.00 each!) I was still hooked by the magical qualities of them though. They seemed mysterious. I even collected the ‘cartridge balls’ as I called them back then; the tiny spheres that sealed my ink refills.

Fast forward a ‘few’ years. I’d been eyeing up the Faber Castell E-Motion for quite some time. It is a beautiful pen. I also knew, being Faber-Castell, I was most probably going to be very happy with the nib and overall quality. So I recently gave in to my desires, and clicked ‘order’. And I am really glad I did!

It’s worth mentioning that, whilst I enjoy using fountain pens, I am no expert, so I apologise now if I use any incorrect terminology. However, I wanted to share my experience to help others with their pen-buying decisions.

The E-Motion’s Aesthetics

Faber-Castell E-Motion fountain pen

The E-Motion, capped and with its box

This pen is curvy and chunky in all the right places. The Brown pear wood is smooth and light orangey-brown in colour (it is also available in Dark Brown and Black), and gives the pen a wonderful, luxurious feel – especially contrasted against the chrome plated cap and trim, and the iridium-tipped stainless steel nib.

I really love the look of the E-Motion. It manages to look professional, sexy, serious, and fun all at the same time. The pear wood makes it feel romantically earthy, yet the chrome makes it feel modern. The Faber-Castell branding on the cap is a nice, simple touch.

The E-Motion Writing Experience

The Faber-Castell E-Motion pear wood fountain pen in brown with a broad nib


I chose a broad nib, as that is often my preference – it seems to suit my handwriting. The nib is flexible and super smooth, and I enjoy writing with it. My Dad also tried it out (he couldn’t resist), and he couldn’t believe it could handle his (slightly OTT) signature – I won’t share an image of that with you here though, for obvious reasons! I’ve tested the E-Motion out on several paper types, and it has felt smooth on all of them – especially compared to my daily Lamy fountain pen.

The cap screws off, and can then be mounted. Despite being a heavy pen, the balance feels just right (or should that be write?) in my hand, both uncapped and posted. It is quite short uncapped, but not too short. The pen weighs in at about 50g, so it is possible that some people may find it too heavy for long periods of writing.

I have yet to find any downsides to this pen, personally. Some may develop over time, but I’ve not yet owned it long enough to find any niggles. I can imagine that the chrome grip could cause problems for those who have hotter hands, or generally slippery skin. I’ve not had this problem, but that is not to say that it couldn’t happen to others – I have read about this issue with other metal-gripped pens.

The Faber-Castell E-Motion pear wood fountain pen in brown, with handwriting example in purple Delta ink

Ink: Delta, in Purple

Overall Thoughts

I love this pen, and I actually really look forward to using it. It is comfortable, with a chunky grip, and enough weight for it to feel well balanced when in use. The flexible nib is excellent, and the whole thing oozes quality. Not only is it great to write with, but it looks beautiful too. Faber-Castell, I thank you! Now, what can I write next…

Lucy is our lead editor and has been passionate about stationery since childhood. She has a particular fondness for rollerball and calligraphy pens and is a keen advocate of snail mail.

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