What your favourite pen brand says about you

Although you may often see ‘What your [insert personality identifying medium] says about you’ quizzes on places like Facebook and Buzzfeed, using the brand new YouGov profiling tool, we are now able to see just which personalities happen to like particular pen brands.

What’s more, if you fancy giving it a go yourself, you can also see what your favourite television shows, musicians, authors and even favourite public figures say about your personality – or at least, what kind of person also happens to enjoy them with you.

So, according to the findings of YouGov, let’s see what kind of people like different pen brands:

BIC Pens


A favourite pen for offices and classrooms around the land, BIC pens are great for their reliability, quality and of course, their disposability. But who tends to favour BIC pens?

According to YouGov, more women favour the pens than men and the ones who do tend to be between the ages of 25-39.

The most common hobbies for BIC users include trading online, pottery and model building. What’s more, the favourite sports of a BIC user is found to be the motorcycle and horse racing.

Interestingly a BIC user is more likely to drive a Suzuki, shop at ASDA, bank at Halifax and live in the North West.

Bentley Pens


Perhaps unsurprisingly, YouGov has found that the typical Bentley fan is somewhat different from that of a BIC enthusiast.

According to the tool, the average user is male, aged over 60, from East Anglia and tends to have over £1,000 a month to spare. Like BIC fans however, if you like Bentley, you are also more likely to enjoy building models, trading online and watching motorsports.

Bentley fans are also more likely to enjoy old episodes of Top Gear, The Stranglers and the films of Alec Guiness.

Ferrari Pens


Again, according to the tool, if you like Ferrari, there’s a higher chance that you are male and just teetering over middle age. Unlike Bentley however, you’re more likely to be from the Midlands, and you’re also more likely to have around £500 to spare each month.

A hobby that seems to run across all brands is model making, though unlike the other two brands, you’re more likely to enjoy quizzes, have an interest in science and technology, and have a place in your heart for children’s charities.

You’re also more likely to enjoy action films (Die Hard, James Bond and The Italian Job), as well as Fifth Gear, James May’s Things You Need to Know, The Stone Roses and Richard Burton.

Surprisingly for some perhaps, you are also more likely to drive an Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche than you are a Ferrari.

Anna has been a lover of stationery since the age of three, when she got her first red spotted pencil case. Lucky enough to work part time for The Pen Company, she is surrounded by stationery; the dream of many a collector!

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