Faber-Castell Grip & Sheaffer VFM Prize Draw – Day 4.

NSW14To enter for the day 4 prize draw to win one of 4 Faber-Castell and 4 Sheaffer pens simply complete a task in the Rafflecopter widget below. For every completed task you will be given 1 entry to the competition.

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Anna has been a lover of stationery since the age of three, when she got her first red spotted pencil case. Lucky enough to work part time for The Pen Company, she is surrounded by stationery; the dream of many a collector!

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  • Gina Shillitani

    I usually write the alphabet, upper and lowercase, when I get a new pen.

  • Karla Fernandez

    I think I’d probably sign my name as I would for work to see the flow.

  • Suzanne Cooke

    I would take it to school where I volunteer so I could write in the reading files of the children.

  • Gill

    My name and address!

  • Melanie C

    I tend to do a little doodle to test a pen ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Heather

    Yeah the very first thing I would write would be my name but then I always write “To thine own self be true”

  • Ilir

    I love the design of the Faber Castel pens.

  • Janet Bennett

    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

  • Andrew Halliwell

    I normally just do a quick scribble to test it.
    First thing I write will probably be my name though, on a form of one kind or another.

  • sakurasake

    I scribble to get the ink flowing and then write a couple of random greetings to myself.

  • I would write hello and a smiley face, as if the pen had come to life!

  • Kelly Lain

    I usually write my name.

  • shea wong

    As I am currently studying for exams, I’d probably baptize it by fire with a long note-taking session!

  • Fiona R

    A scribble to test ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Karen

    Definitely a scribble test or swirly doodle

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  • Jayne K

    Probably a shopping list

  • rdcalhoon

    My pen testing phrase: “Hoping to see you down on the farm,”

  • poshpink

    A doodle

  • indiecognition

    a list of some sort

  • AJ F

    I would write a sentence.

  • Peggy Muncie

    a letter to my friend in Canada

  • A swirly scribble. They usually end up looking like tornadoes.

  • HaloCure

    I would write an alphabet to see how all the letters look.

  • James K

    In the beginning was the Word and I would start with the Word.

  • Sensitivemuse

    Probably “testing” which I do for all new pens.

  • Steven C.

    If it is a fountainpen, The quick brown fox …

  • RFong

    I usually scribble a bit first, then write the alphabet.

  • bahar

    I write the thing that people can’t write.

  • Nate

    I usually write the name of the pen and the ink.

  • I write Dear as I would be penning a letter

  • Larry U.

    I usually do my name.

  • Gordon

    “This is my new Sheaffer / Faber-Castell pen…”

  • Janet R

    It would be a squigly line, that’s how I test pens

  • Kelly M.

    I usually write the name/brand/style of the pen, very boring, but useful.

  • Juliette

    I would write a post it note for my husband and leave it on his pillow

  • Rosie d

    a tick!!! usually pick up a new pen when marking work!

  • ian boucher

    Normally just a squiggle :oi

  • Jane Willis

    boring but I always test with “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” to make sure it writes every letter well

  • My children’s names

  • Jayne Townson

    I would draw a flower first, then write my name.

  • Katie Kingsbury

    Probably some kind of list, I do love my lists!

  • @jillgriffinart

    Oodles of doodles is what I would scribe firstly with a new pen!

  • zooe bryan

    i would write my mum a letter she loves hand written letters ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Jan Beal

    Write a thank you note ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been well brought up!

  • Amanda

    I always write my name with a new pen too.

  • Jennifer Rhymer

    A grocery shopping list! I love lists and write lists for everything ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sandra Clarke

    My shopping list or a reminder on sticky notes.

  • Julia Nicholls

    Probably a list, as I always seem to be writing them!

  • Julie B

    A thank you letter to you.

  • Sara Goodman

    To do list, it’s always on the go!!! Lovely prize, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  • Rebecca Funnell

    My name x

  • Sebastian

    Write the most common thing I usually write to test the agility of the pen. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

  • Jennifer Kerley

    I would probably use it to write in my diary

  • Tamalyn Roberts

    a postcard competition that i love entering x

  • Sarah Davies

    To add another item to my very long to do list

  • Lisa Hall

    My shopping list

  • Christine Caple

    I would write out the football fixtures to do my weekly predictions!

  • lisa

    I’d write my to-do list

  • Gillian Holmes

    Bit of scribble

  • A scribble to test

  • Irene Jackson

    A flower doodle

  • Beccy Holiday

    Just a scribble to test!

  • Sheri Darby

    probably a sudoku

  • Louise

    My diary

  • Lucy M

    I’d get straight on with adding to my ‘to do’ list… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • KenouniRenashin

    A thank you note ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Vincent

    I would write “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

  • Dave Marler

    i would write the opening line to my first novel

  • Tracey Peach

    A Letter Of Support To A Friend Who Is Going Through A Hard Time Right Now


    A thank you letter to you for my fab prize

  • haxell

    I would be boring and write my name!

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  • Ruth K

    Most probably my name ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Simon Collinge

    Shopping list ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Edward Guerreiro

    I wouldn’t write text. I would probably just doodle a pattern….or things which should only be seen on the walls of mens bathrooms.

  • Leanne B

    Probably my name?