The best writing tools for left-handed people

A man in a red jumper stood against a blue background, holding his left hand up and forwards toward the camera, representing left-handedness

With 10 per cent of the world’s population being left-handed, it’s about time the world acknowledged that one in 10 people write with their left hand and designed all objects with this fact in mind.

If you are left-handed, you might find you have some issues using certain writing tools due to their right-hand-centric design; however, you are also living in a flourishing era for left-handed designs, as we’ll explore below.

Alongside challenges created by writing tools, the English language is written from the left to the right side of a page, which is not ideal for left-handed individuals.

This blog post will explore some of the best pens for writing with the left hand.

Common challenges for left-handed people

When you’re a left-handed person using writing tools that have a right-handed bias, you may face challenges such as imperfect ink flow, scratchy writing, the smudging of ink on paper, and hand cramps.

These challenges can be incredibly frustrating — especially for those who love writing with a fountain pen, as this writing tool can cause the most issues alongside gel pens with their slow-drying inks.

The best pens for left-handed people

When it comes to pens, you require a smooth application combined with a quick drying time to avoid the dreaded aforementioned smudging.

Fisher Bullet Space Pen

A red Fisher Bullet Space Pen

Not designed solely for left-handed writers, the Fisher Bullet Space Pen is coincidentally great for lefties because its pressurised cartridge results in a consistent ink flow however the pen is being held (even upside down and underwater!)

The ink itself is also thick and quick-drying, so less likely to smudge. Being a bullet, this pen is small, so bear that in mind if that’s an issue for you.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

A yellow Lamy Safari fountain pen against a white background

The Lamy Safari is a wonderful fountain pen for anyone — from fountain pen newbies to those who use a fountain pen daily.

On top of this, Lamy offers a fountain nib specifically for lefties, called the LH (Z 50), which is available with the Safari or separately. It is very similar to Lamy’s M (medium) nib, except it is slightly oblique, which tends to suit left-handed writers well — resulting in a reliable ink flow.

If it’s a fountain pen you’re looking for, you’ll be delighted to learn that this is a very affordable option for you and it comes in a wide range of colours, too.

Schneider Breeze Rollerball Pen

The Schneider Breeze rollerball pen in pink against a white background

This rollerball suits both left and right-handed people and big or small hands. The ink dries quickly, doesn’t smudge, and is erasable with an ink eraser — so any mistakes can be corrected instantly.

If you like to make eco-friendly choices where possible, you might also like to know that the Schneider Breeze rollerball received a Blue Angel award for its eco-credentials, including an environmentally friendly manufacturing process and a long lifespan.

The best inks for left-handed people

The boxed Lamy T52 bottled ink in blue against a white background

We recommend using quick-drying ink in your fountain pen, such as the Lamy T52 bottled ink — it’s a smooth ink and comes in a variety of colours.


I hope this blog post has been useful; if so, we may turn it into a series with further recommendations for our lefty friends.

If there are other left-hand-friendly stationery recommendations you’d like to see, let us know in the comments.

Lucy is our lead editor and has been passionate about stationery since childhood. She has a particular fondness for rollerball and calligraphy pens and is a keen advocate of snail mail.

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