Five ways a Fisher Space Pen can improve your life

space in purple tones

The Fisher Space Pen is a pressurised ballpoint pen that is approved by NASA and used on all manned American and Russian space flights.

It was first used on the Apollo 7 mission in 1968 following two years of intense testing by NASA.

A year later, this pen was on board with Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong when they landed on the moon.

So, it’s fair to say that this pen has truly proved itself time and time again.

As well as functioning in space, it is highly durable and offers many other benefits.

The Fisher Space Pen can write:

  • Upside down
  • At any angle
  • In low and high temperatures
  • Underwater
  • On wet paper
  • On greasy paper
  • On carbonless paper
  • On most surfaces, including smooth ones
  • On top of fingerprints
  • In zero gravity

With so many advantages, this pen is ideal for a number of scenarios; read on to learn more about each.

Writing in space

The black Fisher Space bullet pen with shuttle emblem

The black Fisher Space bullet pen with shuttle emblem

This pen was designed for use in space and because of this, it is naturally ideal for this scenario. It works in zero gravity and can comfortably function in temperatures between -1°C and 121°C. All angles are covered, too.

However, it would take 3,000,000,000 Fisher Space Pens placed end-to-end to reach the moon. Luckily, astronauts use space shuttles instead!

Of course, this pen is the ideal gift for all budding astronauts or for anyone with a passion for all things space and the universe.

In manual jobs

The Fisher Space Pen is the perfect gift for people who work as carpenters, builders, and architects.

In fact, anyone who writes at work would love one of these writing instruments, but it can be of incredible benefit to those who have to write in unusual circumstances — such as while resting paper on their leg on a building site or while measuring a tight corner of a building.

It sounds dramatic but this pen can be life-changing in some situations!

In outdoor jobs

A Fisher Space Pen bullet ballpoint in purple

A Fisher Space Pen bullet ballpoint in purple (many colours available)

There are more outdoor careers than you might think, including such varied positions as a surveyor, activity instructor, archaeologist, landscape gardener, and environmental scientist.

Despite being outside in all weather conditions, most outdoor jobs require a fair amount of notetaking.

This is where the Space Pen can help. On those days when it’s pouring down with rain or snow and you need to get on with your job, you can with this pen.

No more trying to balance an umbrella while writing, or walking around to find some shelter! Don your waterproofs, tuck your pen into your pocket, and you’re set for the day.

When doing crosswords

Being a smooth writer, the Fisher Space Pen is ideal for all crosswords, sudoku puzzles and word searches. However, most pens could fulfil that role.

This pen really comes into its own when you snuggle up in bed to do a crossword. Lying down and writing your crossword answers upside down is no problem whatsoever for the Fisher Space Pen!

Whereas other pens will stop working when you attempt bedtime sudoku, this one powers through to complete its mission each and every time.

When geocaching

The Fisher Space X-750 Explorer ballpoint pen in chrome

The Fisher Space X-750 Explorer ballpoint pen in chrome

If you enjoy geocaching, then a Fisher Space Pen can make your life much easier. While other pens will give up on you if you find a wet or greasy logbook or need to write at an unusual angle, this rugged writing instrument will see you through. That logbook will always get signed, whether you are up a mountain, in the sea, or upside down in the woods!

I’ll leave you with one final tip — these pens are ideal for writing on freezer bags!

You can view our full range of Fisher Space Pens here.

Lucy is our lead editor and has been passionate about stationery since childhood. She has a particular fondness for rollerball and calligraphy pens and is a keen advocate of snail mail.

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