Faber-Castell E-Motion Pear Wood Ballpoint Pen Review

Faber-Castell e-motion ballpoint

Over the years I’ve become a big fan of Faber-Castell fountain pens. Their nibs are consistently smooth, smooth, smooth. The Faber-Castell E-motion (parquet version) was my first Faber-Castell fountain pen. I love how that pen feels in hand, so it stands to reason that I’d love the E-motion ballpoint just as much. So do I?

Faber-Castell e-motion ballpoint

There are plenty of pen lovers who swear off ballpoint pens in favor of gel or fountain pens, but that’s not me. I’m as thrilled by a great feeling and performing ballpoint as I am by a sweet, smooth fountain pen—as long as it’s well-made, feels good to hold, and lays down a consistent and dark line. Bonus points for it taking Parker-compatible refills, like the Schmidt EasyFlow 9000.

Faber-Castell e-motion ballpoint pen

The Faber-Castell Pearwood E-motion ballpoint pen hits all of those points and then some. The pen measures 5.0 inches (12.8 cm), which sounds short, but really isn’t. The chunky torpedo shape feels very natural in your hand— thick where it feels good to be thick, and thin where it feels good to be thin. Weighing a substantial 32.5 g, the e-motion is weighted in such a way that the balance is spot on. There’s a heft that makes your brain immediately think “quality.”

Faber-Castell e-motion ballpoint

The writing tip extends with a simple twist of the smartly polished end cap. The spring-loaded clip is graceful curved and surprisingly sturdy. There’s not a wiggle to be found anywhere on this pen.

Faber-Castell e-mtion ballpoint

The pear wood body is warm, smooth, and rich looking— like good furniture. The E-motion mixes two very different looks—industrial chrome alongside polished wood. The look is both organic and modern at the same time—really striking.

Faber-Castell e-motion ballpoint

I love the wood so much that I’m very protective of it. This isn’t a pen that I’d carry in my pocket where that gorgeous wood might get scratched by keys or coins. I’d hate to build up a “patina” of scratches, but that’s just me.


The E-motion takes a Parker-style refill. I was prepared to swap in my favorite—the Schmidt EasyFlow 9000—but the included Faber-Castell one (black/broad) turned out to be excellent—smooth and dark. No need to swap.

Faber-Castell e-motion ballpoint

The pear wood E-motion ballpoint pen is smart-looking, great feeling, and smooth writing. It’s yet another winner from Faber-Castell, a company that’s been around since 1761. They obviously know what they’re doing. Great company, great pen.

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I’ve been fascinated with pens since junior high school, where I’d save up my lunch money to buy those 4-color Bic pens. Two years ago I started writing about my growing collection of ballpoints, rollerballs, and fountain pens on my blog, From The Pen Cup. I love telling the stories of my pens.

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  1. Michael at 11:38 am

    Nice to see someone else who likes a ballpoint pen. And you have such good handwriting. I had a choice a while back; one of these or an Ambition in coco wood. I got the Ambition. I agree about the Faber Castell refill but stick to broad. The medium is a bit “weedy”, for my taste.

  2. Hisham at 9:29 am

    I have the cheaper version with plastic ends. It is lighter than one posted. Using it with UK manufactured gel refill which is not too bad. I do wish I can find Faber’s own doc proof black rollerball refill but they are not to be found where I am.

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