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Diplomat is a leading manufacturer of writing instruments and is a much-loved and respected brand, which has been creating pens since the 1920s. Driven by a passion for quality and innovation throughout its journey, Diplomat has stood the test of time and crossed generational boundaries, too. Everyone loves a sleek and stylish Diplomat.

Want to know more about this pen manufacturer? Read on for the company’s history.

The history of Diplomat

Information on Diplomat’s history is slightly limited compared to other brands, however the information we do have is fascinating and only goes to highlight how instrumental the brand has been to the progression of the pen industry over the years — both in Germany and worldwide.

The Diplomat company was founded back in 1922 in the Stuttgart area of southern Germany by a gentleman called Carl Räuchle. Starting off solely with fountain pen production, the pioneering company then became the first to introduce Germany to the ballpoint pen in the 1950s. This was a very popular product and put Diplomat firmly on the pen production map. In 1958, the company was again ahead of the competition, bringing the modern fountain pen and ink cartridges to the German market for the first time — offering a brilliant alternative to the converter fountain pen of the day.

Diplomat manufacturing

Diplomat Balance C fountain pen

Diplomat writing instruments are handmade using traditional methods and the best materials available. This means that each and every Diplomat pen is crafted by skilled people to an incredibly high standard. A Diplomat pen is always excellent value for money.

Once a Diplomat pen has been made in the workshop in Germany, it is manually tested by hand, too — as Diplomat believes there is no machine that can replace the expertise of a Diplomat craftsperson. Only once a pen has passed this final test can it be packaged up ready to be sold. Diplomat pens are well-known for their superior handling, and I imagine the hands-on approach in the workshop is a big reason behind this.

All of the brand’s pens feature a stylish metal casing because over the years it has been proven time and time again that this metal is impact resistant and keeps the pens well-balanced.

When it comes to fountain pens, each of Diplomat’s fountain pen nibs is still custom made in the workshop from stainless steel and 14k gold for a smooth writing experience and ultimate control. No wonder people swear by a Diplomat nib for the ultimate fountain pen writing experience.

Diplomat’s writing instrument range

Diplomat Zero Gravity ballpoint pen

The Diplomat product portfolio is currently divided into three distinct sections. These are:

  • Diplomat — classic writing instruments
  • Magnum by Diplomat — functional writing instruments
  • Spacetec by Diplomat — innovative writing instruments (which can be used in space and anywhere else you like as they work in weightlessness, underwater, upside down, in extreme temperatures, etc.)


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