Ink the impossible: How to get ink out of carpet and wood


Here at The Pen Company, we understand that accidents do unfortunately happen, especially when you have a troop of little people running about the house, which is why we sell Amodex Ink Stain Remover, which is excellent for getting ink out of furniture and other fabrics.

When you do not have this wondrous chemical at hand however, what is the best way of getting ink out of your furniture and other materials?

How to get ink out of a carpet

Probably the most common place to find misplaced ink is of course the carpet, where children like to draw and do their homework. In the event of such a desecration, you can try removing the ink by using a simple spray of ammonia, detergent and household vinegar.

  1. First of all, mix one teaspoon of dishwasher detergent into an 8oz cup of water and spray the resulting solution onto the surface of the stain. Like many stains, it is then important that you dab the stain with a clean white cloth.
  2. Now what you need to do, is mix up a solution of ammonia using one table spoon of the stuff mixed with half a cup of water. Again, blot the stain, but do so using a different cloth.
  3. After you’ve had a good go with this, now you need to mix a solution of equal parts water and vinegar, which you will then use to dab at the stain once more.
  4. Once this is done, you should find the stain nearly all gone. To make sure that you don’t damage your carpet however, go over it again with the detergent and water spray to ensure that you get rid of any remaining ammonia. And after this, do so again using only water, remembering to blot and not scrub, the whole way through.

How to get ink out of wood

Wood as we know, can be a very expensive material, so it is important that you know how to get ink out of the stuff once it has created an unfortunate stain. You can however, do this quite simply, by using a little baking soda.

  1. First of all, you need to create a concoction containing half a cup of water and half a cup of baking soda, which you will then put into a bowl to make a paste.
  2. Now, dab at the paste with your fingers and spread it over the surface of the stain. Once that you have rubbed in the paste, get a damp cloth and remove said paste from the surface of the wood, though for bigger stains you may have to do this a few times.
  3. If however, you have polished or waxed wood, you can use dishwashing liquid to tackle any fresh spills. Simply mix half a teaspoon of liquid into a cup that is one third filled with water to create a soapy solution. Stir to create suds before gently wiping at the stain with a damp cloth.
  4. If the stain remains after this, you could gently rub it with some fine steel wool, though you have to be very careful while doing so.

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