Sailor Jentle Ink Oku-Yama Review


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Ink: Sailor Jentle Ink Oku-Yama

Paper: Rhodia Line (80g/m – 21.3lb)

Pen: Franklin Christoph M40 Pocket (Fire & Ice), Masuyama Medium Stub Nib







This is my second Sailor ink that I now own (I loved the first one so much, I bought two bottles!). Will I do the same for this one? Let’s find out…

The shading properties is where this ink really shines for me. It lays down a pretty impressive range of colours. It starts off with a deep raspberry, then shifts to a plum and finally settles with an aubergine shade. One interesting point is that if you lay down a lot of shading, a green sheen appears as a border around the aubergine areas. This is something to consider if you plan to use this ink for a lot of shading.

Drying time is pretty slow – even at 20 seconds it was still smudging heavily. If you use wider nibs, this may be an issue. It plays a lot better with fine/extra-fine nibs.

Where does this ink fit into my collection? It now has become one of my everyday inks and I do plan to order not only another bottle but I am thinking of trying a few more colours too…

Curse you Sailor!

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