Pelikan Edelstein Amber Ink Review

Pelikan Edelstein Amber

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Ink: Pelikan Edelstein Amber

Paper: Rhodia Dot Grid (80g/m – 21.3lb)

Pen: Visconti Van Gogh Room in Arles, Fine Nib

Pelikan Edelstein Amber Pelikan Edelstein Amber Pelikan Edelstein Amber Pelikan Edelstein Amber Pelikan Edelstein Amber


If you have been following my own blog you will know by now that I really like Orange and Grey inks.  Today I might have just found one of my favourites.  The Edelstein Amber isn’t what I really think of as a typical orange, it isn’t a bright orange but a rich dark orange for the most part.  In certain parts of my writing it looks a tad bit lighter in shade but it just adds to the experience of using this ink.  The shading is really impressive as it has a good range of depth.  One interesting feature of this ink is that I found over time it drys in to a warm brown shade depending on how much ink you lay down on the paper.  Since spotting this, I am more convinced that this ink does have a visible tint of brown in it while writing.

Drying times weren’t to bad but I did find it took around the 20(ish) seconds mark for it to be dry.  This isn’t a problem for me but I thought it is worth mentioning. I would say this isn’t a cheap ink costing £14.95 a bottle but if you collect ink this isn’t really that expensive when compared to other brands of ink.

If you are a fan of orange inks you really should have a bottle of this in your collection. I now have it inked in my matt black Pilot Vanishing Point which is a perfect combination for me.

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