Lamy Logo fountain pen review

Lamy Logo review

The Lamy Logo is a stainless steel fountain pen. It’s available with a wide range of nibs and will take Lamy’s proprietary cartridges or converter. It costs £29.50 from The Pen Company.

Lamy Logo unposted

As with all Lamy pens, the Logo is beautifully constructed. The cap pushes on firmly and with a satisfying click. It posts securely too. The join between the barrel and the section is precise and engineered to be part of the design.

Lamy Logo posted

The clip is excellent. It’s spring-loaded steel and as such works just as a clip should, clipping firmly and securely.

Lamy Logo clip

You can buy the Logo with stainless steel nibs in extra-fine, fine, medium or broad sizes. As it is the standard Lamy nib you can easily change it or buy one of the larger italic sizes. The broad nib on this example is lovely. In fact, I’ve only ever had difficulties with one Lamy nib (and I have a lot). Broad nibs can be tricky blighters sometimes but this one hasn’t let me down yet, with a good reliable wet flow and a smooth stroke on the page.

Lamy Logo nib

Lamy pens have a distinctive modern style and you either love them or hate them. I love them, if I’m honest, and the Logo is fantastic. The brushed steel finish looks great and has the added advantage of hiding sweaty fingerprints. The branding is subtle. I particularly like how the section extends beyond the cap when it’s closed.

Lamy Logo branding

Talking of the section, I prefer them to be made of the same material as the barrel, which this one is. The ringed design of this one helps with the grip whilst being stylish and not too obvious about it.

Lamy Logo grip

The only part of this pen I don’t like are the slots on the end cap. They look unfinished and detract from the sleekness of the rest of the pen.

Lamy Logo capped

Lamy uses its own cartridges and converters but they generally provide one of each. It does limit your cartridge options, though.

Lamy Logo deconstructed

The Logo is a good length and posts well, it’s a comfortable weight and is comfortable in the hand. The writing experience is fantastic, too. What you get with the Lamy Logo is a brilliantly made pen that has oodles of modern style with performance that doesn’t disappoint.

Lamy Logo handwritten review

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