Graf Von Faber-Castell Stone Grey Ink Review


Review Setup

Ink: Graf Von Faber-Castell Stone Grey

Paper: Rhodia Line (80g/m – 21.3lb)

Pen: Mont Blanc 145, Medium Nib.


For me the bench mark for a grey ink is Pilot Iroshizuku Kiri-Same and I think I may have just found another grey ink that can match my love for Kiri-Same.

In someways I actually prefer Faber-Castell Stone Grey as I think it produces a slightly better balance between the light and dark shading it offers. It feels more like a natural progression from the lighter to darker tones. With Kiri-Same it sometimes feels like you leap from a light grey to an almost grey black.

This ink drys pretty much instantly which as much as that is a great feature, I almost wonder if this is actually more of a negative? What I mean by this is that I actually found that I had a few dry starts if I hadn’t used my Mont Blanc 145 for a small period of time. I think I need to use this ink in a few more pens to see if this is the general case or is just a one off.

Otherwise, this is a fantastic ink that will be part of my daily carry.

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