Win a Graf von Faber-Castell luxury pen worth £310.50

It is now less than 4 weeks until Christmas, and the relatively new shopping sensation (to the UK at least) ‘Black Friday’ is seemingly bringing out the worst in people. Encouraging people to panic buy items they don’t really want, all because of an artificially discounted price.


Anthracite Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche Ciselé Fountain Pen

At The Pen Company we do things a little differently! We pride ourselves on offering great value and excellent customer service all year round.

Based in the small market town of Hitchin, in Hertfordshire, we’ve been sending luxury pens and beautiful pencils around the world for over a decade. Additionally, unlike some UK pen shops, when we say it’s in stock, it’s in stock; we do not drop ship.

So if pushing your way through the crowds this Christmas isn’t your ‘cup of tea’, why not browse our range of Luxury & Designer pen brands and find something for that extra special someone.

We aim to beat any genuine price; if you do manage to find one of our products for less, why not drop us an email, or give us a ring?



Anthracite Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche Ciselé

One lucky winner will receive their choice of a Anthracite Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche Ciselé as either a fountain, ballpoint, rollerball, or mechanical pencil worth up to £310.50! A stunning addition to the Guilloche range, the Ciselé features a deeply engraved herringbone pattern, available in anthracite, brown and the new light grey with rhodium plated trim. This pen comes from the premium Graf von Faber Castell range.

How to enter

There are several ways to enter using the widget below. The more times you enter, the greater your chance of winning.

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This competition is open to contestants worldwide. The winner will be chosen at random at noon GMT on the 18th December 2014.

Good luck!

Anna has been a lover of stationery since the age of three, when she got her first red spotted pencil case. Lucky enough to work part time for The Pen Company, she is surrounded by stationery; the dream of many a collector!

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  1. shea wong at 1:15 pm

    I’d love to get up before dawn, drive into the centre of London, and shoot the city at its most still and quiet. Get home in time for lovely lunch, and plenty of time cuddling our son!

  2. Rob at 9:40 pm

    My ideal Christmas is spending the morning opening gifts with my family and friends and then sitting down to a nice turkey dinner. A sweet pen would make it even more ideal!!

  3. JusticeLeagueMMGLWWSBFHG at 9:53 pm

    The ideal christmas for me would be spending it together with my family, eating tasty food and giving and receiving nice gifts. This year a nice fountain pen is at the top of the list, this contest fits me perfectly!

  4. molossus at 2:35 am

    My perfect Christmas is a quiet dinner with the immediate family and an evening in front of the fire–I not much for Holidays, lol!

  5. Neema Rafizadeh at 2:55 am

    My ideal christmas is simply being around my family and significant other, sitting around the christmas tree singing christian songs. 🙂

  6. Gini Cooper at 7:08 am

    My ideal Christmas is having my son come over and spend Christmas eve, then cooking together on Christmas day after opening gifts and eating a decadent breakfast.

  7. ahayman at 9:10 am

    My ideal Christmas is to spend it with my children and husband, snug in our jammies, in a warm house, watching the snow fall. We read the Christmas story from the Bible and drink hot chocolate.

  8. Andrea Kirkby at 11:31 am

    Always starts by listening to the carols from King’s on Christmas Eve. Even when I had to do it on the internet from the shores of the Persian Gulf.

  9. worriedmum46 at 11:37 am

    Having all the family around, no dramas – burnt diner, unwell kids etc, and everyone getting on – even if just for the day!

  10. iain at 1:17 pm

    My ideal Christmas is going to Church with the wife, hopefully walking down through the ancient streets of Leominster over the freshly fallen snow, having a glass of something decadent after the service. Heading home for a huge portion of Macaroni Cheese (the only veggie alternative worth considering!!) then eating an indecent amount of either treacle sponge or blackcurrent pie with custard or icecream (I could go either way). The, after a brief but interesting nap, walking the dog. Then home, through the kettle on and huge cup of coffee sat next to a large glass of something distilled to open a few small presents, nothing outlandish, just a small couple of somethings from people who know what I like or what I need. Also, seeing the look on the wife’s face when she sees that I have bought her something useful, nice and something that she can use all year around

  11. Rob Holland at 3:15 pm

    My ideal Christmas would be to be able to get home to Australia to spend Christmas with the family that I haven’t had Christmas with at home in 19 years – and being able to show my wife and kids what Christmas in Australia is like.

  12. Jarosław Nykiel at 4:20 pm

    I love to drive in the evening just before Christmas, quietly through the snowy, almost empty road. I like to come in from the cold and snow to a house that smells of Christmas. But I also love to wake up in the morning on Christmas Day and hear excited voices of children watching again their presents (in Poland, we give gifts on Christmas Eve, the evening). But I can not imagine a Christmas without all the preparations for Christmas Eve … My dream holidays can be any, as long as they were with those I love.

  13. Mark Knoblauch at 9:50 pm

    My ideal Christmas is simply one spent with my wife and four small children. I very much enjoy experiencing the wonder of Christmas through their eyes!

  14. Denette at 10:00 pm

    My ideal Christmas would be spending time with my husband and binge watching all the Christmas movies we own will munching on some delicious holiday treats!

  15. Averain at 12:59 am

    With family and friends somewhere cold and inhospitable outside and a roaring fire inside – lots of board games – lots of good food – lots of desserts….

  16. Soc. at 1:38 pm

    My ideal Christmas is kind like Americans celebrate Thanksgiving: being with loved ones, eating, drinking and generally having a good time.

  17. Blue at 11:20 pm

    My ideal Christmas is curled up in the warm with my family, bellies full with good food, lots of laughter and silliness, watching the tree lights flickering and watching the re-runs of old Christmas specials on telly.

  18. James at 12:36 am

    My ideal Christmas is sitting on the sofa late on Christmas Eve with a big mug of hot chocolate topped with mini marshmallows and squirty cream whilst watching Miracle on 34th Street in the lounge with all the family around and just the twinkling Christmas Tree lights for lighting…the lovely warm glow from them and that film are just the best!

  19. Sandra Jacobs at 11:54 am

    What is your ideal Christmas? Mine would be with family, old recipe food, and snow. Ideal gift, would be time spent through out the year. Cost nothing, but brings so much joy!

  20. Josiah at 4:50 pm

    Going to candle light Christmas Eve service with family, then spending Christmas day with family. Lots of good food and conversations! 🙂

  21. Anna G at 10:17 pm

    My ideal Christmas would be spending the whole week with my mom and brother, hanging out, making cookies, doing puzzles, playing games, eating tons of good food, and then giving each other Christmas gifts on Christmas morning while watching A Christmas Story!

  22. Tristan_Noelmans at 10:29 am

    I’m affraid I’m one of those people who hate Christmas. I only like the family part and the food. But all the other stuff – the music in the streets, the shopping frenzy, the cold weather, the hot glühwein (yuk!), the decorated trees – is just not my cup of tea.

  23. Colton Elliott at 6:45 pm

    My ideal Christmas would be spending time with my mom and dad. Drinking hot cocoa around a fire. With the football game and a white Christmas for sure!!! I always love the food and am always in need of some of that !!! Christmas is always my favorite because of my birthday is 2 days afterwards. THIS year I am going to be 18 WOOHOO. Hopefully my Christmas will have an extra gift coming this year.^^^^ Be blessed guys and a Happy New Year!!1

  24. Sandra Lane at 8:11 pm

    Beautiful pen. My ideal Christmas would be in a country cottage with a log fire, snow falling outside and my family all enjoying a lovely festive dinner.

  25. Mary Wilson at 9:06 pm

    Ideal Christmas has to be surrounded by family and friends in a lovely Scottish log cabin looking over the snowy hill whilst sitting around a roaring fire x

  26. williamgould at 2:51 pm

    My ideal Christmas is being in the house with my wife and shutting the rest of the world outside! Fat chance of that though…..

  27. Judy Kennedy at 3:23 pm

    It would be to be by the sea somewhere warm. But a close second is seeing family members getting together under one roof.

  28. Sara Goodman at 9:17 pm

    A lovely long walk in the morning, lunch with the family, and then a drive up to the West End to see the lights, listening to Xmas songs! Amazing giveaway, thank you! x

  29. FrankieB at 5:33 am

    I grew up in NYC, and my ideal Christmas was Christmas Eve dinner at my Grandmother’s house with 15 or so relatives and lots of Italian food! And.. a visit to the big tree at Rockefeller Center, with a hot pretzel!!

  30. Ashley R. at 5:57 am

    My ideal Christmas would be sharing a meal outside amongst the trees with my family. I really enjoy nature, so being in a stuffy house (like every Christmas) makes me uncomfortable.

  31. Jen B. at 7:41 pm

    My ideal Christmas is in a cabin in the woods. It snowed overnight, and we wake up to a beautiful winter wonderland. We get up and make a fire, I make coffee and breakfast, and then I curl up with some paper and pens to write letters and short stories…

  32. Kim Styles at 7:45 pm

    My Ideal Christmas is happy healthy children, a warm house, alcohol , cosy fire at our own house and then after a lovely christmas lunch ,a long wintery walk to make Lizzie the dogs day a special christmas too!

  33. Melanie at 3:29 pm

    My ideal Christmas? Peace, individual and societal, in which we can all breathe, and relax a little. Enjoying the season and the goodwill that should abound.

  34. Ian Jonathan Enoria at 5:42 pm

    My ideal Christmas is to have my family together.. happy and healthy. or live in house full of sexy girls. but yeah… family first. 🙂

  35. Greg Steer at 9:31 pm

    My ideal ‘christmas’ is a family event with more emphasis on social events. It’s also my Birthday so that needs to fit in too and my wife does a lovely job of managing it 🙂

  36. Chloe Nightingale at 9:51 am

    My ideal Christmas is hanging out with my family and eating nice home-cooked food. We don’t really celebrate Christmas, though! ;D

  37. siggy at 10:09 pm

    Well my ideal Christmas is sitting in with the Family, away from the cold, eating a very nice turkey dinner, drinking wine and opening my presents. No worries just great , seeing my best friends face when he opens his one of a kind gift i got him! And watching some gurrrd Movies with the family 🙂 Perfect Christmas for me!

  38. kristin at 9:32 pm

    Having all my family sat around the same table at the same time for once. Even the grumpy teenager who really doesn’t want to be there!

  39. Minnie Whittaker at 9:57 pm

    A morning spent with the wider family then an afternoon with my partner and the dog , sharing presents, eating and vegging out with the world kept at bay .

  40. Carrie Louise Talbot-Ashby at 2:11 am

    One where my husband cooks,
    and the kids are surrounded by toys and books,
    while I am sitting there, watching the telly,
    enjoying the ambience, and fillin’ mah belly! lol x

  41. Patricia Avery at 11:29 am

    Sharing the excitement with the grandchildren, eating a lovely family meal then home to luxuriate in the peace, quiet and tranquility 🙂

  42. Kate Deakin at 9:19 pm

    My ideal Christmas is….no work…kids magically lie in…dog decides she doesn’t need a walk….hubby volunteers to make the dinner – and I get one of these pens as a gift – they’re stunning!

  43. Judi Watson-Jones at 11:05 pm

    relaxing with the family, lots of presents in front of a fire, scrumptious dinner, collapse afterwards playing games and watching TV

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