Win A Lamy Safari Fountain Pen of Your Choice!


Please note: this competition has now ended. Thank you to everyone who entered.


The kids are back at school armed with their new pens, pencils, and pencil cases, so we thought it was time for the Mums and Dads to get their hands on some new stationery too! After all, we all love new stationery don’t we? Fountain pens, in particular, seem to be a favourite with stationery-lovers of all ages.

Introducing: our new competition – your chance to win one of three Lamy Safari fountain pens. You can even choose the colour and nib width, and we’ll send you some ink too to get you started. You can take a look at the full range here. You can go as bold or as classic as you like with Lamy’s colour options, and the ever-popular range is great quality, which makes for a fun and reliable writing experience.

If you fancy winning one of our Lamy fountain pens, just complete one (or more) of the tasks in the Rafflecopter widget below – it’s as simple as that.

Good luck!

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Terms & Conditions

  • The competition will run from 5pm GMT on 18/09/2015 until 10am GMT on 12/10/2015
  • Winners will be selected at random by Rafflecopter
  • Winners will be notified via social media by 12am on 13/10/2015
  • Winners who do not respond within 2 weeks of being contacted will have their prize reallocated using Rafflecopter
  • The competition is worldwide, and open to people of any age
  • There will be three prize winners
  • There will be no cash alternatives to the prizes
  • You don’t have to be a Mum or Dad to enter!

As a long-term stationery lover, I adore working for The Pen Company. My childhood saw me carrying around a little red suitcase covered in stickers and full of pens, paper and other such goodies; my adulthood sees me doing pretty much exactly the same!

  • Jennifer @ SweetOxen

    I think I’d have to go for the lime pen… I love love fountain pens especially bright ones!

  • Golden Bell

    Always Orange if possible!

  • gypsylibrarian

    Would love to win one just to try it out as I keep hearing about it. As for color, while a red one would be nice, it does not matter. All good.

  • Jagarpether

    I would love to win a Safari. Great giveaway.

  • JohnofGallifrey

    I would love to win a new safari because I love this pen.

  • Elizabeth M

    A bright Safari makes a mundane day somewhat enjoyable!

  • Chris Roman

    A bright Lamy safari with a left-handed nib makes writing more fantastic for a leftie like me!

  • callista

    A bright Lamy safari with left-handed nib makes writing more fantastic for a leftie like me!

  • I love fountain pen, and I have lots of pen pal letters to write. This would be the perfect thing with which to write those letters!

  • To experience the art of writing in style!

  • Helene Li

    Great pens to take to class, tough and reliable.

  • Claudia

    I would love to win a new lamy safari pen to use with my diary and write all my
    adventures for 2016. =)

  • Aisazia

    I love writing with Lamys! I love their color choices! Would love to add more! 😀 Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sarah M

    Would love this as a gift for my brother who just qualified as a teacher!

  • Jenny Scheldberg

    I’d love this pen for going on interviews. It looks professional.

  • sharon888

    I love the Safari because it’s a pen that I can take with me anywhere and not worry about it getting damaged. It would be great to have another one. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Nesteliv

    I want to get one for my sister who is in high school, so she would be able to choose her color and nib option as her first fountain pen

  • inkmuser

    Thanks for offering! Would add a stub nib and make this a letter writer!

  • Sandra Clarke

    I would love to win the bright green pen as a quality pen always improves my writing. If someone picks it up I can soon spot it too!

  • Güngör

    Lovely giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! I really want to try these good looking colourful fountain pens, may be this would be the chance ^-^

  • Grace Ji

    I would to try out the Lamy, because I’ve heard so many good things about it. The design is also great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jo Glasspool

    Hopefully will make my writing become as beautiful as the pen!

  • Good luck all!

    The Neon lime would be excellent for being spotted in large Q&A sessions 🙂

    I can highly recommend the EF nibs – the one on my Vista is lovely and smooth!

  • Rigo Torres

    I’d like to win because as a college freshman, when writing with a fountain pen i feel serious about the work im doing and my 2 month pilot metropolitan is getting lonely. Also id like to have more reason to be part of the fountain pen community.

  • Dale Thele

    Thank you for hosting this great giveaway! I don’t own a Safari, yet, hopefully I win. ** fingers crossed **

  • Alison Turnnidge

    This would be an ideal pen for my Daughter to use for her school work and fall in love with fountain pens like I have

  • Ain John

    I always loved using a fountain pen because it made me feel like Shakespeare.

  • This would be perfect to convert my fiancé to fountain pens! She has a Safari rollerball and loves it!

  • Michelle Suratos

    I love the many nib options of the Lamy Safari and how easy it is to change nibs.

  • Andrew B

    Looks like a nice color

  • Vincent

    one of my first pens

  • Brumario Castilla Ramos

    I have some Lamys Safaris and they are very good writers

  • Lauren

    I love my Lamy Safari charcoal…such a great writer, so I’d love another Lamy.

  • Courtney

    Ohhh, Lamys are my fave!

  • Daniel Chu

    Wouldnt mind another lamy to help me with my school work ;p

  • Brent Acuff

    I love the Lamy Safari’s! They are a great pen.

  • nyb

    NEver tried one. Curious 😀

  • Abby

    Lamy Safaris come in such fun colors! And they write so well! I also feel comfortable throwing it in my purse or backpack because it’s really durable.

  • Susan J

    Thank you for the giveaway! I LOVE Lamy pens for their reliability, ease of use and handsome styling. I am always happy to give them a good home!

  • Smithman

    Great giveaway. There are always Safari colors I wish I had.

  • Charlotte

    Because the pens are elegant and unusual. The pens are reliable.

  • Klaus

    I just love the Safaris! Form-factor, colour- and nib-options are great!


    I would like to win this for my daughter who wants to learn to write stories. This pen would be lovely for her!

  • sitnstew

    I could really go for another crazy colored Safari!

  • Lana Bilyy

    I would like to win to give to my husband

  • rmonster

    I love Lamy’s interchangeable nibs. I’ve got a Safari already, but I’d love another for nib variety (also I could use a new colour).

  • Cherry Newby

    I’ve just become a Mum to two gorgeous children and hadn’t realised how much writing I’d have to do for schools etc! I’ve always loved fountain pens and would love a Safari one to make filling in the forms a joy!

  • Buttercup

    I’ve bought a Lamy Linea and was disappointed. I hope I have better luck with the Safari everyone raves about.

  • Alison H

    I love the Safari for easy nib swapping. Great for testing out the look of inks in various line widths.

  • Katherine Grant

    A pen I’ve heard so many good things about, that I’d love to try.

  • BrooklynBeka

    I am new to fountain pens & am falling in love with Lamy! I would love to add to my starter pen!

  • Amanda

    I love Lamy fountain pens, thanks for the chance to win!

  • Aceso84

    There is nothing more satisfying than writing with a Lamy fountain pen, would so love to add this to my collection.

  • haxell

    A Lamy fountain pen would make writing the Christmas cards a pleasure rather than a chore. Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  • Jeremiah

    Thanks for the chance to win. Lamy pens are great. I have a couple of Al-Stars but no Safaris yet.

  • My hovercraft is full of eels

    I’d like to win a Neon Lime Safari fountain pen because I think it would match nicely with a green ink. I love how a Lamy looks, writes and feels in my hand.

    Thank you for this chance, The Pen Company!

  • Andrew Turk

    Lamy safari’s are so much fun!!!

  • N C

    Safaris are great knockabout pens, and I have used them to introduce many curious people to fhe pleasures of fountain pens.

  • Carla Mills

    I would love to win one of these I have never owned a decent pen before. Xx

  • bonnie jean woolger


  • Tamera Clark

    I would love to try their pen, I’m on a project right now and like to use different colors of ink.

  • Kris K

    I’m new to the fountain pen game and would love to add this to my collection.

  • John Kopsidas

    Time to start using a fountain pen 🙂