Our ‘Hello Summer Days’ Competition Entries

Here Are Our Fantastic #HelloSummerDays Competition Entries

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 Name: Elizabeth Porter

Location: Alberta, Canada

'Up There' by Elizabeth Porter

‘Up There’ by Elizabeth Porter

Elizabeth says:

“Summer, for me, is about birds. The Birds of Prey centre near me opens up, and I always try to get there at least once per summer with my camera, taking as many pictures as I can to keep me drawing through the winter.”

Pen: Pilot Falcon, and the ink is Tyrian Purple and “Oh, crud I didn’t get all the Aurora Black out of the convertor” mix.

Paper: Bockingford HotPress 140lb.


Name: Paul Lonsdale

Location: Hull, UK

Paul Lonsdale's seaside scene

Paul Lonsdale’s seaside scene

Paul says:

“To me, summer is all about being beside the sea. The magical sound of seagulls hovering ahead and blissful beaches with soft sand evokes summery feelings. Spending time on the beach is definitely a sign summer has arrived.”

Pens: Staedtler Pigment Liners in 0.3 and 0.5


Name: Bonnie Jean Woolger

Location: Decatur, USA

Bonnie Jean Woolger's frog

Bonnie Jean Woolger’s frog

Bonnie says:

“The frog is the bringer of warm weather and summer evening song. Its life and song are the threads in the pattern.”

Pen: Rapid-o-Graph

Paper: Grey-toned rag paper


Name: Lizbeth Gandarilla Loredo

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Lizbeth Gandarilla Loredo's beach-inspired work

Lizbeth Gandarilla Loredo’s beach-inspired work

Lizbeth says:

“My drawing is about the sea, because the first thing I thought when I saw the theme “Summer Days”, was the beach. I think seagulls represent the sea and the freedom that we feel when summer is starting. So I centered my concept in them. These are the first days of May, so I thought it was a good idea to center the concept of my drawing in Mother’s Day [in America] too. I tried to express the colors of summer in the background in abstract ways, because summer is all about fun and madness. And tried to join all the elements of the sea with the color fish.”

Pens: Coloured ballpoint pens


Name: Lizbeth Gandarilla Loredo

Location: Mexico City, Mexico


Lizbeth Gandarilla Loredo’s macaws


Lizbeth says:

“I love Macaws and there is nothing more romantic in summer than seeing two of them together. They are the perfect example of ‘Summer Love’.”

Pen: Black ballpoint pen


Name: Jill Griffin

Location: Plympton, Devon, UK


Jill Griffin’s curious cow


Jill says:

“I just love the funny cow faces that pop over the hedge or fence when taking a walk or enjoying a picnic in the summer. They are obviously such curious creatures and like to say hello! They’re also really good fun to draw.”

Pen: Lamy Al-Star fountain pen with broad nib


Name: Jill Griffin

Location: Plympton, Devon, UK

Jill Griffin's cow close-up

Jill Griffin’s cow close-up

Jill says: (see above)

Pen: Lamy Al-Star fountain pen with broad nib


Name: Melody Yang

Location: New York, USA

Melody Yang's fireflies

Melody Yang’s cicada

Melody says:

“I always loved finding cicada shells on the ground. Finding a completely intact shell felt like such an accomplishment when I was younger. These days they’re a little less impressive but still enjoyable nonetheless.”

Pens: A variety of coloured ballpoint pens


Name: Melody Yang

Location: New York, USA

Melody Yang's fireflies

Melody Yang’s fireflies

Melody says:

“Catching fireflies with my grandpa was one of the highlights of my childhood summers. We would always bring them inside in jars and accidentally release them in the house, much to the chagrin of my parents.”

Pens: Ballpoint pens and Pigma Microns


Name: Elissa He

Location: New York, USA

Elissa He's mosquito scene

Elissa He’s mosquito scene

Elissa says:

“For me, this scene is essential to the spirit of summer. You’ve finally tracked down a mosquito before its bite, and your hand raises in vengeful anticipation. Will this villain escape justice yet again? Or will you catch it red-handed? Find out this June.”

Pen: Paper Mate Flair


Name: William Zheng

Location: New York, USA

William Zheng's Grand Canyon

William Zheng’s Grand Canyon

William says:

“I’ve only been out west once and the one scene that stood out to me the most was this sunset at the Grand Canyon. I loved how shadows dulled the sharp features of the canyon while the dying sun cast light on the tops of the craggy precipices. I’m pretty glad I got there late.”

Pens: Pilot Falcon with Parker Quink, and a black ballpoint pen



And the winner is…


BONNIE JEAN WOOLGER of the USA with her frog. Well done Bonnie! Thank you to all our other entrants – you are all very talented, and we have thoroughly enjoyed running this competition!

Lucy is our lead editor and has been passionate about stationery since childhood. She has a particular fondness for rollerball and calligraphy pens and is a keen advocate of snail mail.

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