7 fun and easy pencil topper ideas for kids

Make writing and homework more interesting with these pencil topper craft ideas for kids.

DIY pencil toppers are easy to make, with a range of materials to choose from. They also make fantastic party bag fillers and gifts.

Spend a rainy afternoon getting your hands dirty with the little ones, and transform your pencils and pens into something colourful and exciting.

What is a pencil topper made of?

You can make pencil toppers out of anything you have to hand. From polymer clay to scraps of colourful paper, your imagination is the only limit to designing and making your pencil topper.

Some store-bought pencil toppers are made of thick plastic or wood manipulated into extravagant designs or popular cartoon characters. With a small hole at the bottom, the topper easily sits on top of your kids’ pencil or pen, ready to brighten up those writing assignments.

Paper pencil toppers

Craft or construction paper is best when making a paper pencil topper. You’ll also need glue, scissors, and a range of pencils or pens.

After choosing your design, get your little one to carefully draw and, with your help, cut out the shape. They’ll need to do this twice, so you have duplicates which will be glued to either side of your pencil.

This pumpkin paper pencil topper design is easily customizable for any other holiday or interest. Get inventive by using black paper for bats, pink paper for hearts, or green and red paper for apples – the list is endless.

Pipe cleaner pencil toppers

Twisted pipe cleaners in two tone twists, isolated on white, standing up like bar graphs.

Pipe cleaners are always handy additions to your craft box, you can use them to make cute pencil toppers. Pick up a selection of colours and spend the day creating these easy-to-make pencil toppers with your kids.

When twisting your pipe cleaner into the design, geometric shapes are easiest, to begin with. Hearts, stars, diamonds and lightning bolts are fantastic ideas. Only use the first four inches of the pipe cleaner, wrapping the remaining section around the top of the pencil in a spiral fashion so it hugs it tightly.

Use multiple pipe cleaners to make endless pencil topper designs and jazz up your kids’ writing tools.

Unicorn pencil toppers

The mythical unicorn features across many stationery items, and the pencil topper is no exception. If your little one is also a lover of the cute animal, they’ll love making this DIY unicorn pencil topper.

Just head to your nearest craft supply shop and pick up bright glittery card, pipe cleaners, and washi tape. The result is an adorable (and affordable!) pencil topper and happy DIY memories they’ll cherish for years to come.

Emoji pencil toppers

These fun DIY emoji pencil toppers are a lovely way to bring some fun and excitement to your child’s homework. You can also pop these emoji pencil toppers into party bags or even sell them at the next school fete.

To make it, you’ll need yellow pom-poms, black and red craft felt, and a hot glue gun or pen. The yellow pom-poms act as the face of your emoji, while the craft felt is used to form the facial expressions. Cut the felt to the desired look, for example, red heart eyes or a red sticky-out tongue.

Using the glue gun, arrange and stick these onto the pom-pom and wait for it to dry. Next, place another dab of glue on the underside of the face and stick it to the top of your pencil for the completed look.

Clay pencil toppers

Experimenting with clay is always a fun activity and a chance for kids to get their hands messy.

These clay pencil toppers are made from ‘paper clay’, a homemade mixture of paper, flour and water. It is then blended to form a hard clay-like substance. It’s easy to mould and paint over with enamel paints and pens.

You’ll mould the clay around the top of the pencil while it’s still wet, ensuring it fits. When creating the shape of the pencil topper, it’s best to stick with simple designs. Sausage-like shapes are a good place to start and can be transformed with paints into any cute animal or character you want.

Squishy pencil toppers

A close up macro portrait of fingers of a hand holding a red wooden pencil coloring in a flower in a coloring book for adults.

Squishy pencil toppers are cute to look at, fun to play with, and surprisingly easy to make.

This DIY avocado squishy pencil topper can be made from memory foam or sponge before being finished with acrylic paints. The Japanese Kawaii theme is especially on-trend in the stationery world right now, and this pencil topper fits perfectly.

Older kids and teens will be able to make this pencil topper with some guidance, so long as you supervise the foam cutting and other trickier parts. Your little ones can still enjoy the activity, too – encourage them to help you pick out and paint the design instead.

Duct tape pencil toppers

Wondering how to make duct tape pencil toppers look stylish? Duct tape may not sound like the most versatile or appealing craft item to manufacture a pencil topper from, but these flower designs manage just that.

Using different colours of duct tape and a careful folding and wrapping process, you can create a beautiful rose that blooms on the end of your pencil. This activity may be a little trickier for smaller kids, but it’s an ideal way for your older children to tap into their craftier sides. The result is a fun pencil that they’ll enjoy taking into their exams.


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