5 fun Halloween craft ideas for kids

A row of three carved ceramic pumpkins with tealights, underneath a leaf garland — representing autumn and Halloween.

Most children love Halloween, and the annual event offers kids and parents the opportunity to sit down together and bond while getting creative.

Halloween is synonymous with costumes and trick-or-treating, so you may like to create a costume together, or instead, you could dive into one of the Halloween craft ideas for kids that we’ve outlined below.

Make them just because, as a spooky activity to get your children in the Halloween mood, or use the crafty creations to decorate your home for a Halloween party.

If you’re hosting a party for kids this spooky season, your Halloween activities for children could include some arts and crafts at a decorated table — you might be surprised at how long it will keep them entertained!

Please supervise children at all times when they are crafting and help them with things such as cutting and painting, as required.

With that being said, let’s jump into the fun!

Halloween crafts for kids

Choose one of the below Halloween crafts for kids… or why not make all of them?

1.      Ghost garlands

Much like the chains of people you made a child, you can quickly and easily create a ghost garland with your kids by folding a long piece of white paper like an accordion into 3” sections.

Next, you draw a ghost shape on the top section, ensuring that its arms reach the edges of the paper — otherwise, the ghosts won’t be connected when you unfold the paper.

Cut around your ghost shape and unfold the paper to reveal your ghoulish ghost bunting.

For a longer garland, make several and attach them using sticky tape.

Mix it up by using black paper to make a bat or spider garland, white paper to make a skull or skeleton garland, or orange paper to make a pumpkin garland. Perhaps your little ones can come up with some ideas of their own, too.

These garlands make easy Halloween decorations that can be reused or recycled.

2.      Halloween monster rocks

Kids will never tire of painting rocks, so why not gather some stones and ask your children to create the scariest monsters they can imagine?

All you need is paint and a pack of googly eyes, and once the monsters are made, you can make a game out of it — hiding the rocks around the house for a scary scavenger hunt!

To get the best results, wash and dry your rocks before use. You might also want to add a base layer/primer to help the paint adhere and look its best.

When it comes to painting, you can use acrylic paint with paintbrushes or paint pens.

3.      Loathsome leaves

A maple leaf painted to look like a white ghost for Halloween

Have your kids gather some leaves up from the ground outside, then bring them indoors to paint.

The leaves may need a quick wash and dry before you get started.

For ghosts, paint the leaves white, and for bats or vampires, paint the leaves black.

Then, add features such as eyes and a mouth in a contrasting colour, leave to dry, and use the leaves to make a garland, scatter to decorate a table, or use them to add a creepy element to your table settings.

4.      Bubble paint monsters

All children love bubble painting, so why not use it as a base for some Halloween monsters?

If your children are very young, then you might want to blow the bubbles for them.

To create monsters, you’ll need card stock, acrylic paint, washing-up liquid, water, straws, googly eyes, and pens.

Mix equal amounts of acrylic paint and washing-up liquid (try 2 tbsps of each) in a cup and add some water almost to the top of the cup, then mix again.

Next, place a straw into the cup and blow bubbles. Once you have plenty of bubbles on top of the cup, take your card stock and place it on top.

Repeat this method with various colours and sizes of cups, then leave them to dry before adding googly eyes and other features with a pen.

5.      Halloween monster bookmarks

If your kids are keen readers — or you’d like them to be — then let them get stuck into this cute and fun Halloween craft idea.

All you’ll need for this quick tutorial is coloured paper (origami paper would be ideal, but any will do), coloured pens, craft glue, and embellishments.

To begin, take a piece of coloured paper (at least A5 in size). Fold it in half lengthways and open it out again.

Next, fold the left corner to the centre point, then do the right corner.

Cut underneath the large triangle shape and remove the excess, then cut down the centre line to create two separate triangles.

Open out each triangle to reveal a square.

Take one square, fold it in half to create a rectangle, and then fold it in half again to create a smaller square.

Fully unfold the piece of paper, then cut out one of the four squares you can now see and half of the two adjacent squares (corner to corner).

Glue the two flaps together, and you have created a corner bookmark ready for decoration.

Repeat with the second square.

The fun can now begin, so get your kids to add eyes, teeth, tongues, arms, legs, wings, or whatever comes to mind!

If these bookmarks don’t get your kids to pick up their books, I don’t know what will!

Final thoughts

If you and your kids love crafting together, then take a look at our blog post that explains how to stamp without the use of rubber stamps. Happy crafting!

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