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B Lead Grade

The B lead grade falls in the 13th position of 22 on the widely recognized 10H-10B scale (H=hard, B=black). B is a somewhat soft lead grade, for creating smooth, dark lines with some hardness and fineness. Great for creating quick, somewhat heavy lines with little friction.

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Caran d'Ache Pencil Leads B 0.7mm
Graf von Faber-Castell Desk Pencils Brown - 1
Desk Pencils Graphite Pencil
Graf von Faber-Castell
Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil Platinum Brown - 4
Perfect Pencil Graphite Pencil
Graf von Faber-Castell
Graf von Faber-Castell No 5 Pencils Brown - 1
B 0.7mm Faber-Castell Leads - 1
Staedtler Mars Micro 0.7mm B pencil leads - 1
Staedtler Mars Carbon 2mm B leads - 1
Staedtler Tradition B pencil - 1
Staedtler Noris B graphite pencil - 1