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Pelikan are the proud title holder of one of Germany's oldest trademarks with a rich history dating back to 1871. The Souverän fountain pen collection has become widely regarded as one of the finest ranges in the world.
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Graf von Faber-Castell
Prestige luxury writing instruments and desk accessories from the unmistakable Graf von Faber-Castell. Understated elegance and undeniable quality since 1761.
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Kaweco Frosted Sport
German manufacturer Kaweco tell us the light colours and fresh names of their Frosted Sport range were inspired by the feeling of summer. Opaque ice-like barrels in six fruit-inspired pastel colours are complemented by silver accents.
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Pencils have come a long way since 1761. We have all types, from traditional woodcase pencils to the mechanical variety using clutch or propelling mechanisms. Faber-Castell have taken the pencil to the next level with the 'Perfect Pencil' complete with extender, concealed sharpener and eraser.
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Leather Goods
Fine leather accessories including pen cases, key rings, purses, wallets and desk accessories from world leading manufacturers including Mywalit and Graf von Faber-Castell.
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Bottled Ink
Choose a hue from our extensive range of fountain pen inks, including new colours from Graf von Faber-Castell. If you like to keep a varied selection British ink maker Diamine have added new 30ml bottles to their offering with over one hundred to choose from.
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We are an independent, family-run business aiming to provide our knowledge of writing instruments and associated products to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Our website is an ever evolving stationery shop and we appreciate your feedback.

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Free Engraving service

We offer a free engraving service. If you see our 'free laser engraving' symbol on a product, you have the opportunity to personalise the item with a bespoke name or message. Perfect for a gift, to add professional branding or simply to make sure nobody pinches your favourite pen.

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Sailor Pens
Sailor Pens

Revered by those in the know, The Sailor Pen Company produce some of the finest fountain pens available. Founded in Japan in 1911, Sailor have been producing high quality pens ever since.

Diamine Inks
Diamine Inks

Established in 1864 Diamine continue to manufacture fountain pen inks in Liverpool UK. These high quality inks are available in 111 colours in bottles & also 25 colours in convenient international standard cartridges.

Fountain Pens
Fountain Pens

Once the staple pen for all & now viewed more as luxury pens - they don't have to be - whilst we stock limited edition pens for collectors we also carry fountain pens suitable for everyday use and budgets.

School Pens
School Pens

Learning to write is an essential life skill learnt in School and used for a lifetime.We stock a wide selection of pens and pencils suitable for novice writers forming their first letters to competent essayists sitting...

Last Reviews
Wonderful in every way
By Martine Faber.
This is definitely in the top three pens I've used (and I've used a LOT of pens). Ordered the blue finish from the US, and it got here in a matter of days. Excellent pen, excellent company.
Great mechanical pen. Right weight,elegant shape and color. Very convenient price
By Fernando Urrutia.
I love Lamy products, in fact I got the 50 years anniversary pens and fountain pen set.
The brand products including LAMY ECON MECHANICAL PENCIL 0.7MM are high quality, sophisticated and very compretitive in price vs quality.
Details such as the small steel wire in the LAMY Z10 eraser...
Ecridor ballpoint pen
By Anton.
Wonderful and comfortable pen for writing! I'm very glad I have purchased this one.
inspired me to start using stub nibs
By Bazil Abrar.
I had gone to buy a lamy al-star and lamy Joy (black and red) was imploring at me from behind the glass window as i requested it to be seen from up close i knew i wanted it not only does it write beautifully, mine is a 1.1mm stub nib which i filled it with cherry red ink (parker quink red) i have wi...
Brilliant- GVFC Classic Pernambuco Fine
By Z. Tucker.
U.S. customer here. Absolutely thrilled with this pen. Gorgeous, simplistic yet elegant aesthetics. Superb quality, weight, and feel. The bi-colour, 18-carot gold nib is beautifully designed and is by far the smoothest I’ve written with (including Sailor professional gear 21k in fine). It is, of c...
great pen
By arthur.
this pen is very comfortable and easy to hold with a comfortable grip.
A lovely writing instrument
By Robert Gaussen.
A lovely pen to write with, once I'd worked out the piston filler mechanism. Suits small hands like mine, comfortable to hold and use, and requires very little effort to write with. Once filled with ink, the green marbling goes a slightly darker shade, so beautiful to look at too. Excellent servi...
Hard working pen
By Ramon Pagan.
Very good
Superb quality
By Nicolas.
Wanted a pen with an oblique nib and this one ticked all the boxes. Well balanced and comfortable to write with. Excellent quality. Excellent service and delivery.
Perfect for both notes and longer form writing
By AT.
I have largish hands. But the pen is not too slim like, its first cousin. The pen is not too heavy, not too long. It feels just right. The 10 Ct gold finish adds class without the burden of opulence. And there's very little to criticise when it comes to refill smoothness.
Pelikan m800
By Zack w.
This company is absolutely amazing I wasn’t happy with my nib and they sent me another one right away extraordinary people over at the pen company I will continue to do business with them for the rest of my days !
Ps. The prices are absolutely amazing !! We love you guys and everything you...
The best ink
By M.Muneeb.
The best ink I ever used
The best ink
By M.Muneeb.
The best ink I ever used
Great pens!
By Charles D. Smith.
I have at least 6 Kaweco fountain pens in plastic, brass, and grey aluminum, and I love them all. One word about the brass model- HEAVY, almost bulky. But it has its own charm and appeal. Kaweco makes quality goods; you will not be disappointed with any of them!!!
Nice looking fountain pen
By Lok.
Very nice looking fountain pen, good in writing
It brings a smile to my face!
By Chad .

I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent helping me to select the proper nib size for my M1000.

I received the pen today. It is without a doubt the smoothest writing nib that I have ever used. As you know, I selected the medium, with your assistance.
The only firm to provide DUNHILL pen refills
By Brian.
I was given an Anniversary gift by my wife of a Dunhill pen. After a couple of years I found that Dunhill no longer sold their own brand pens or refills and I was left with a useless gift. After trying to find a refill in Bath, Cardiff and London over 3 years, The Pen Company came to the rescue and...
Order of pen as a wedding present
By Hannah.
I have ordered a pen as a wedding present for my other half.
Since I normally don't write reviews, this is the first of its kind. However, I was so blown away by the customer service that I had to share it.

I asked for the pen to be engraved and within 10 minutes of ordering...
Impeccable product and service
By Yue. X.
The pen finally got to me after la long journey over sea. Great construction of the pen, which honors the M800 appellation, stunning. I’m Pelikan fan, this is The second after my M600 of the same color, green and black, the most classic one.

Great service. Very fast dispatch and t...