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Pelikan are the proud title holder of one of Germany's oldest trademarks with a rich history dating back to 1871. The Souverän fountain pen collection has become widely regarded as one of the finest ranges in the world.
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Graf von Faber-Castell
Prestige luxury writing instruments and desk accessories from the unmistakable Graf von Faber-Castell. Understated elegance and undeniable quality since 1761.
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Kaweco Frosted Sport
German manufacturer Kaweco tell us the light colours and fresh names of their Frosted Sport range were inspired by the feeling of summer. Opaque ice-like barrels in six fruit-inspired pastel colours are complemented by silver accents.
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Pencils have come a long way since 1761. We have all types, from traditional woodcase pencils to the mechanical variety using clutch or propelling mechanisms. Faber-Castell have taken the pencil to the next level with the 'Perfect Pencil' complete with extender, concealed sharpener and eraser.
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Leather Goods
Fine leather accessories including pen cases, key rings, purses, wallets and desk accessories from world leading manufacturers including Mywalit and Graf von Faber-Castell.
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Bottled Ink
Choose a hue from our extensive range of fountain pen inks, including new colours from Graf von Faber-Castell. If you like to keep a varied selection British ink maker Diamine have added new 30ml bottles to their offering with over one hundred to choose from.
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We are an independent, family-run business aiming to provide our knowledge of writing instruments and associated products to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Our website is an ever evolving stationery shop and we appreciate your feedback.

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Free Engraving service

We offer a free engraving service. If you see our 'free laser engraving' symbol on a product, you have the opportunity to personalise the item with a bespoke name or message. Perfect for a gift, to add professional branding or simply to make sure nobody pinches your favourite pen.

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Sailor Pens
Sailor Pens

Revered by those in the know, The Sailor Pen Company produce some of the finest fountain pens available. Founded in Japan in 1911, Sailor have been producing high quality pens ever since.

Diamine Inks
Diamine Inks

Established in 1864 Diamine continue to manufacture fountain pen inks in Liverpool UK. These high quality inks are available in 111 colours in bottles & also 25 colours in convenient international standard cartridges.

Fountain Pens
Fountain Pens

Once the staple pen for all & now viewed more as luxury pens - they don't have to be - whilst we stock limited edition pens for collectors we also carry fountain pens suitable for everyday use and budgets.

School Pens
School Pens

Learning to write is an essential life skill learnt in School and used for a lifetime.We stock a wide selection of pens and pencils suitable for novice writers forming their first letters to competent essayists sitting...

Last Reviews
Diamine Bilberry Cartridges
By Joy Christopher.
Wow. I can't believe the speed with which this arrived. Ordered one evening and here by lunchtime the next day. I ordered several colours but only tried Diamine Bilberry so far. Lovely colour and great quality as you'd expect from Diamine inks. Fast drying and glides over the paper. But going back t...
Can't Get Enough off this Pen
By Mrs C.
It's strange how things pann out in the pen world. I bought one of these as I come under the bracket of 'Dog' in the Chinese Zodiac. I'd never tried a Cross pen before. I wondered if it would bring me luck. I was expecting to be underwhelmed and have no sound reason for that. But hey ... happy endin...
A truly elegant, significant pen!
By Guy Devyatkin.
I have had my PELIKAN SOUVERÄN M805 (blue-black with a fine nib) for about a year, and, in this time, I have only come to admire its qualities even more. These features fall into several categories: appearance, feel, mechanism, operation, and durability. The M805 is beautiful, especially with the...
Diplomat Traveller Ballpoint Pen Excellent
By Kathy.
The Diplomat Traveller Ballpoint Pen was delivered inside a day and it was engraved as well. Excellent service and a lovely pen. Thankyou
By Daryl.
What a solid pen it is! Fair weight distribution
A fine heirloom delivered by even finer retailers!
By LH.
I was initially turned off by the poor quality control of Pelikan's 18k nib, many warnings and advice that to buy a Souverän is to also pay a nibmeister to get it right. I probably annoyed the service team by stressing this many times but it arrived with elegant packaging and , yes, smooth, wet and...
Graceful & Elegant like a Rolls Royce
By Daryl.
It sure is a small pulchritude pen.
By Richard.
What a beautifully tactile thing this is. Excellent in every respect, I had mine engraved and delivered within 23 hours of ordering - well done The Pen Company!
Sterling Silver with oblique medium nib
STERLING SILVER GRAF VON FABER-CASTELL CLASSIC FOUNTAIN PEN - I took delivery of this pen some days ago, and whilst I’m lucky enough to own a number of other premium and limited edition fountain pens, think I probably agree with the lady reviewer who said it was the best fountain pen EVER.
Excellent service, excellent pen
By Kevin W..
Love my new Brass Sport with B nib. Also - very pleased with the quality and speed of service to BC, Canada from The Pen Company.
Great pen & fantastic service!
By Hao.
Pelikan M400 is a great pen. The size with cap seems small, but the size without cap is actually almost the same with M600, which is just the right size in hand. Love it very much!

The Pen Company is an amazing fountain pen seller. My original selection was affected because of Pelikan's...
Great pen & fantastic service!
By Hao.
Pelikan M600 is a great pen with just the right size in hand. Love it very much!

The Pen Company is an amazing fountain pen seller. My original selection was affected because of Pelikan's delay due to Covid-19. After communication, James explained the details and I ended up with changin...
I give this journal five stars and above.
By Shelby.
My sister gave me this journal years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the gift. I still have it but have written on most of the pages. The quality of the paper is awesome. Thanks for a fabulous product.
By brent s.
so this is one of my grail pens and I finally got it! so exciting! getting to see how this experience is different than some of my usual go to's. I want to say that I am looking forward to shopping here again. i know that covid has created a lot of challenges for many companies. The pen company tea...
Olivine is my Favorite Green
By Joe.
This stuff is awesome. It’s very well behaved and is great for daily writing on just about any kind of paper. Olivine is my new favorite. It’s a deep, dark green that has some good shading if you use it with fat juicy nibs. With a fine nib it’s lighter and dries almost immediately which is gre...
Glass Smooth Nib & Excellent Service!
By Omniprime.
I bought this as a replacement nib to replace the damaged one on my Guilloche Chevron. The nib is glass smooth just as the original, incredibly satisfying to write with!

I also greatly appreciate the great instructions that came with my order as it ensured I replaced the nib correctly,...
Beautiful pens
By Carol Edwards.
I love these Schneider pens, and have bought many for presents. They are attractive to look at, and feel very comfortable to write with. I never buy any other pens now. Highly recommended.
Fountain pen Fine nib
By Chioto S..
Great pen over all. I should have gotten the medium nib due to my writing style however even so I love the weight of the pen in hand and the metal/wood look. I would and plan to buy from this company again.
Awesome instrument, awesome service
By Kevin Gates.
James helped me every step of the way and saw my complicated order through to the end. Top-notch all the way.