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Pelikan are the proud title holder of one of Germany's oldest trademarks with a rich history dating back to 1871. The Souverän fountain pen collection has become widely regarded as one of the finest ranges in the world.
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Graf von Faber-Castell
Prestige luxury writing instruments and desk accessories from the unmistakable Graf von Faber-Castell. Understated elegance and undeniable quality since 1761.
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Kaweco Frosted Sport
German manufacturer Kaweco tell us the light colours and fresh names of their Frosted Sport range were inspired by the feeling of summer. Opaque ice-like barrels in six fruit-inspired pastel colours are complemented by silver accents.
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Pencils have come a long way since 1761. We have all types, from traditional woodcase pencils to the mechanical variety using clutch or propelling mechanisms. Faber-Castell have taken the pencil to the next level with the 'Perfect Pencil' complete with extender, concealed sharpener and eraser.
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Leather Goods
Fine leather accessories including pen cases, key rings, purses, wallets and desk accessories from world leading manufacturers including Mywalit and Graf von Faber-Castell.
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Bottled Ink
Choose a hue from our extensive range of fountain pen inks, including new colours from Graf von Faber-Castell. If you like to keep a varied selection British ink maker Diamine have added new 30ml bottles to their offering with over one hundred to choose from.
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We are an independent, family-run business aiming to provide our knowledge of writing instruments and associated products to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Our website is an ever evolving stationery shop and we appreciate your feedback.

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Free Engraving service

We offer a free engraving service. If you see our 'free laser engraving' symbol on a product, you have the opportunity to personalise the item with a bespoke name or message. Perfect for a gift, to add professional branding or simply to make sure nobody pinches your favourite pen.

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Sailor Pens
Sailor Pens

Revered by those in the know, The Sailor Pen Company produce some of the finest fountain pens available. Founded in Japan in 1911, Sailor have been producing high quality pens ever since.

Diamine Inks
Diamine Inks

Established in 1864 Diamine continue to manufacture fountain pen inks in Liverpool UK. These high quality inks are available in 111 colours in bottles & also 25 colours in convenient international standard cartridges.

Fountain Pens
Fountain Pens

Once the staple pen for all & now viewed more as luxury pens - they don't have to be - whilst we stock limited edition pens for collectors we also carry fountain pens suitable for everyday use and budgets.

School Pens
School Pens

Learning to write is an essential life skill learnt in School and used for a lifetime.We stock a wide selection of pens and pencils suitable for novice writers forming their first letters to competent essayists sitting...

Last Reviews
Happy writer
By Sarah W.
I struggle to find ink cartridges for my Sheaffer fountain pens, let alone purple ones. The Pen Company is my go-to for these. Delighted with my previous purchase last year and have come back for more!
A very good pen
By Mimi.
This is a very good pen and lasts a long time, it is worth its price and I love the colour. Overall this is a very good pen.
Excellent writer
By Ivan T..
I have purchased this pen with a Broad nib a few months ago and have been writing with it extensively ever since. The nib is very smooth, ink flow is quite balanced, a little on the wetter side though. The only note I would add is that the ink capacity (with cartridge converter) is rather low for a...
Wonderful Pen...Exceptional Service!
By Joshua.
I have been thinking of buy this pen for quite awhile and I'm so glad I did. The weight and feeling is just incredible and the look, timeless. What has really impressed me is The Pen Company's approach to customer service. I had a few questions about the purchase and the team were very professional...
By George Ng.
smooth and fine
Exquisite writing instrument.
By Thomas G Steffens.
A joy to write with! It will bring back letter writing which has been destroyed by online quick communications.
By :/.
Nice and smooth
By Ann Smith.
Great quality Onyx Sheaffer Prelude Fountain Pen with Gold Trim - Medium!
By Ann Smith.
Great quality Onyx Sheaffer Prelude Fountain Pen with Gold Trim - Medium!
Excellent gift!
By KitKat333.
Bought this as a gift with an engraving. Couldn’t be happier with the purchase, delivered in a very prompt manner and is of a high standard, presented very well in a box. This will make a great present, thank you!
Excellent service & product
By Vicki Gould.
I had some great help from James regarding various ink cartridges. He recommended Diamine, saying there was an added bonus that they are British made. I have been extremely pleased with them and am back to buy more. The generic cartridges I had been using caused my pen to leak. The Diamine cartridg...
Unique colours and quality flow!
By Mark Osborne.
Unique colours and beautifully housed in boxes of twenty. Flow is wonderful!! Great value you can completely rely on
Diamine Red Dragon
By Allan O.
As usual-pretty fast delivery. Great color. Best red ink ever. Now i´m thinking which one should be the next Diamine color :)
By Zak Ilic.
This is a very comfortable pen for writing and is very easy to use
Gorgeous materials, Beautifully crafted,
By Zephyr.
This item is flawless - From texture to colour to craftsmanship. Even the sound of the leather in loading the pens and closing the case carries appeal. The quality promises a lifetime of utility. Service from James and The Pen Company was excellent. Many thanks.
Excellent and well recognized as such in writing instruments.
By Paul J. Plaisance, Jr., PE.
I have had and used many of your pens and mechanical pencil sets(10 ct gold & Black). They are excellent writing instruments. I have been proud to use and lose them for over 40 years! I cried over every one I lost but was always able to replace them. I had many sets of the Classic series includ...
Purchase of Lead Mechanism for Porsche Pencil
By Lee.
Lead mechanism for Porsche Design Pencil as described, works perfectly . Service very good.
Jet Black Ink.
By Eric Lightwood-Ashcroft..
Have currently used 5 Bottles of Diamine Jet black ink,for music manuscripts.Previously I have used an amazing amount of Black ink by other Mfg Co's I could mention,but never really satisfied, & on a whim tried a bottle of Diamine.
I immediately went on line & bought 2 more ( 80ml)
It k...
Balanced pen - solid quality
By Lars ( Denmark ).
I bought the pear wood eMotion fountain pen with a fine nib, bacause I wanted a more solid pen than my plastic fountain pens. The nib had to be "written into place" - that took only a few pages - now it writes perfect. The balance is very good due to the "cigar" form. A small detail I have come t...
9b pencils
By cobby.
your pencil are really good but do not last longer and we need 0b