Search & Refine


The Pen Company filter tool

We have designed our filter tool to enable you to locate what you need as quickly as possible.

Start using the filter by selecting from the main categories across the top of the page.

Main Menu

The drop down menu that appears enables you to refine your search by selecting a category from the columns below.

Drop Down

This will bring you to a page showing all products that fall into that category and will also open the 'Search & Refine' tool on the left, if it is not already open.

Search & Refine

The Search & Refine tool will show some categories with a green tick indicating the selection already made.

Other criteria shown in black, indicate further refinement that can be made to your existing selection, e.g. a colour.

Clicking on a line shown in black will add a green tick to that line and reduce your results to only those products which also include that criterion.

Clicking again will un-tick that line and add back to your selection those items previously removed.

Any search criteria which are 'greyed-out' in the Search & Refine tool don't exist within the products already selected.

As you alter your search, the search criteria will automatically change to suit the results found.

In this way, you can go back and forth ticking and un-ticking criteria at will and the Search & Refine tool will rapidly remove or add results to your selection.

For some results, an extra Refine Tool appears across the top of the results, with filter options specific to those products.

Further Refine

To start afresh, you can either go back to the categories across the top of the page and start again, or click the 'Reset' button at the top of the Search & Refine tool.

Reset Button