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Diplomat Pens - German made quality pens

Diplomat Pens - Made in Germany

Diplomat is a German manufacturer of writing instruments, established in 1922. Diplomat has since become a leading manufacturer of writing instruments driven, as always, by quality and innovation.

Diplomat's varied collection spans traditional design through to its modern Space-Tec range featuring pressurised ball pen refills that write at any angle.

Being hand made by a company with such a passion for penmanship, Diplomat pens really do provide excellent value for money.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us as we are able to supply any item you require from the Diplomat writing instrument collection.

A1 SpaceTec ($35.18)£22.47

Slim retractable Spacetec ball pens in four colours.

Diplomat A1 Spacetec Ballpoint Pens

Balance C ($95.96 - $107.95)£61.28 - £68.94

The Balance 'C' collection from Diplomat are modern pens with elegant curves. Available in black, pink or white as either a fountain pen, rollerball pen or ballpoint pen.

Diplomat Balance C Pens

Excellence A ($93.95 - $287.73)£60.00 - £183.75

Smart, classic pens from Diplomat. Available as a fountain pen, rollerball and ball pens with either lacquered or polished chrome finishes.

Diplomat Excellence A Pens and Pencils

Excellence Rhombus ($129.19 - $340.58)£82.50 - £217.50

Diplomat Excellence Rhombus pens with elegantly engraved matt black barrels.

Available as a fountian pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen or as a mechanical pencil.

Diplomat Excellence Rhombus Pens & Pencils

Life ($23.44)£14.97

Diplomat's Life ball pens are available in four colours made of anodised aluminium.

Diplomat Life Ballpoint Pens

Optimist ($81.03 - $91.60)£51.75 - £58.50

The Optimist are stunning contemporary pens with a high gloss black finish with inlaid metal rings in three designs. Available as ball pens or fountain pens.

Diplomat Optimist Fountain Pens and Ballpoint Pens

SpaceTec Pocket ($35.18)£22.47

Compact Spacetec Pocket ball pens by Diplomat

Diplomat Spacetec Pocket Ballpoint Pens

Traveller ($22.31 - $43.45)£14.25 - £27.75

Slim, traditional pens the Diplomat Traveller pens are available as fountain pens or ball pens.

Diplomat Traveller Fountain Pens and Ballpoint Pen

Zero Gravity ($17.56)£11.22

The Diplomat Zero Gravity is a smart ball pen with a presurised SpaceTec refill.

Diplomat Zero Gravity Spacetec Ballpoint Pens

Pen Cases

Diplomat pen cases are made from soft leather and are available to hold one, two or three pens.

Diplomat Pen Cases-Leather


Diplomat pen refills - the complete range including fountain pen cartridges, rollerball and ballpoint pen refills.

Diplomat Pen Refills